Guneet says you have to have made me meet him first, stop. Baljeet says I spoke to him everything. Dada ji says its our residence, who’s he to determine, we can determine who will live right here. Pammi says however talks had been final. Baljeet says I m assisting them, they’re insulting me. Guneet says move and spot this room, until then we can speak it. Dada ji says no, simply move, we don’t need to offer the residence to you. Baljeet says you won’t get anybody else. Dada ji says I spoke to my pal already. Baljeet says I don’t have any cost right here. Amrita says we’d have spoken to him already.

The man receives indignant and leaves. Baljeet and Pammi argue with them. They get disillusioned and go away. Nimmo asks will the opposite man come. Dada ji says don’t worry, he’s going to come. Amrita reads a novel. Nimmo prays. Kabir comes for the interview. Everyone is busy of their paintings. Guneet says we should persuade Baljeet and Pammi. Soni says go away it, they’ll get satisfied in days. Amrita says Dada ji didn’t do proper with them. Dada ji says Mansoor took assure of the antique tenant, I will move for a bath. Kabir is going to the convention room. Amrita says he may be right if Dada ji selected him. Soni says however he’s a stranger. Amrita says permit him come, we can see. Amrita is going to test on the gate. Pritam comes. Kabir is going and sees Meera. Pritam eliminates the mask. Amrita receives shocked. He says faux doctor.

Meera interviews Kabir. Kabir says I want the process, please. She asks him to go away. Pritam sees the residence. Amrita says I actually have to inform some thing approximately Pritam.