The Episode begins offevolved with Amrita asking how dare you return back here, simply go away from my residence. Pritam asks her to concentrate. She scolds him. She asks him to go away. Guneet comes. Amrita says this guy desires to input our residence. Nimmo and every body come. They ask him to go away. Pritam says I m nonetheless status outside, concentrate to me. Guneet asks who’re you. Pritam says Mansoor uncle has despatched me. Dada ji comes. Nimmo says oh, he’s the brand new tenant. Dada ji asks him to come. Amrita says however… Pritam asks her to concentrate to elders. He enetrs the residence.

Dada ji asks how did you get hurt. Pritam says a person shot at me. Guneet asks why. Dadi asks are you a first rate guy. Pritam says bullet is shot at first rate people, I became leaving from the bank. Nimmo says Amrita became additionally there. He says oh, are you fine, did you get hurt. Dada ji says she is blessed, did you discover out, who shot at you. Pritam says no. Dada ji says I will alternate garments and are available, then I will display the room. Pritam appears on the residence.

Meera says inform me why did you return back here, you could’t come for the interview. Kabir says I in reality got here for it, you aren’t unique that I lie and are available to satisfy you, this isn’t your dad’s office. He goes. Meera says I will now no longer permit him get decided on here. Guneet says come, I will display you my residence. He suggests the residence. Nimmo says Amrita had a misunderstanding, don’t experience bad. Pritam asks is the room upstairs. Dada ji comes and says yes, are you confused, I m the same, I were given ready, come, I will display the room. He jokes and laughs. Amrita calls out Guneet. Guneet slips. Pritam holds him. Guneet thank you him. Dada ji asks Guneet to stroll carefully. Dadi asks Nimmo to go together with them, else they are able to deliver whole residence on rent. Amrita worries. Soni says he’s handsome. Amrita says close up. Kabir offers the interview. Meera joins the HR.

Dada ji asks what do you do, I do standup comedy, you could watch my videos. Pritam opens the window. Nimmo and Guneet reward the room. Guneet says you’ll get this room cleaned. Pritam shuts the window. Nimmo says its solid. Dada ji says that is your terrace. Nimmo says no, we are able to additionally take a seat down here, you’ll simply the room. Pritam appears the whole lot well. Dada ji says that is separate washroom, this may be yours. Dadi says don’t waste water. Dada says yes. Pritam asks is there another access of the residence. Guneet says what’s the need, however there’s a stair backside. Pritam tests the steps and smiles. Dada ji says its bit broken. Guneet says we can’t get it repaired, you could restore it in case you need. Dada ji asks we could cross and feature tea. Pritam says I don’t need. Guneet says have tea, we are able to talk. Pritam says I don’t need to. Dada ji says have it. He asks Amrita to make tea for the guest.

Kabir says I will show myself once I get a chance. Meera asks why a lot hole after the education. Kabir says I had a few own circle of relatives problem. Meera asks in reality, you didn’t need to absorb responsibilities. Kabir says yes, my brother isn’t anyt any more, so I need to do a task now. Meera argues. She says you could say which you don’t need to do a task, it will likely be a complete waste of our time and sources in case you go away. Kabir says I will now no longer go away the task. Meera symptoms and symptoms bye. He angrily leaves.

Amrita makes tea. She recollects Pritam. Soni asks what happened. Everyone talks approximately Pritam. Pritam sits. Dada ji asks Amrita to get the tea. Amrita says its ready. Her fingers shake. She drops the tea on her hand. She screams. Everyone runs to her. They fear for Amrita. Pritam appears on. Dada ji says take a seat down for a few time, Amrita’s hand burnt. Soni says we don’t have an ointment for burn. Guneet says I will cross and get it. Pritam says practice toothpaste, it will likely be fine. Guneet asks him to take a seat down. Amrita appears at him. Meera stops Kabir. He says you didn’t do right. She says Angad has despatched you to defame me. He says forestall this nonsense, you aren’t so imp. She asks him to get lost. They argue. Boss comes. He asks Meera to include him, its urgent. Kabir appears at her angrily. Amrita says I even have to mention some thing approximately Pritam. Nimmo asks wherein did he cross. Soni says he became simply there. Guneet says I requested him to wait. Amrita thinks its accurate he left.

Pritam offers the improvement rent. He introduces himself. Kabir talks to his pals approximately the interview. Angad meets an accident.