Amrita makes tea. She recollects Pritam. Soni asks what happened. Everyone talks approximately Pritam. Pritam sits. Dada ji asks Amrita to get the tea. Amrita says its ready. Her fingers shake. She drops the tea on her hand. She screams. Everyone runs to her. They fear for Amrita. Pritam appears on. Dada ji says take a seat down for a few time, Amrita’s hand burnt. Soni says we don’t have an ointment for burn. Guneet says I will cross and get it. Pritam says practice toothpaste, it will likely be fine. Guneet asks him to take a seat down. Amrita appears at him.

Meera stops Kabir. He says you didn’t do right. She says Angad has despatched you to defame me. He says forestall this nonsense, you aren’t so imp. She asks him to get lost. They argue. Boss comes. He asks Meera to include him, its urgent. Kabir appears at her angrily. Amrita says I even have to mention some thing approximately Pritam. Nimmo asks wherein did he cross. Soni says he became simply there. Guneet says I requested him to wait. Amrita thinks its accurate he left.

Pritam offers the improvement rent. He introduces himself. Kabir talks to his pals approximately the interview. Angad meets an accident.