The Episode begins offevolved with Angad asking Nimmo to ship Dada ji to the office. Dada ji meets his pal Mansoor on the cafe. He asks why didn’t you are available Dolly’s marriage. Mansoor says I had fever. Dada ji continues a mask. Mansoor laughs and says check outcomes got here negative. Dada ji says its right. Mansoor asks how is Amrita. Dada ji says she is fine, she has sorrow in her heart. Mansoor says a brand new existence will are available your own circle of relatives, you becomes first-rate grandpa, take away the wig now. Dada ji smiles and says yes, however that is my hair, I desire Karan comes back. They order tea.

Dada ji says I m nevertheless disillusioned with you, you didn’t come. Mansoor says I went to satisfy your Bhabhi. Dada ji says why didn’t you inform me, I might have come and met her. Mansoor says little need now, considering remaining 6 months, I didn’t

visit the graveyard, now after I went, I noticed some other grave remodeled her grave, she has turn out to be a land now. Dada ji cries and says there aren’t anyt any symptoms and symptoms of her, we didn’t get Karan’s ashes. Mansoor says we don’t should cry, we had sworn. Dada ji says we should pay this fee of being elders, you can’t spoil down, else the residence will shatter, what shall I do, troubles aren’t getting less, Guneet’s keep aren’t running, Angad misplaced his process. Mansoor says don’t worry, Angad is talented, he’s going to get a process. Dada ji says the own circle of relatives desires to provide the penthouse on rent, I got here right here to satisfy an agent. Mansoor remembers Pritam’s words. He laughs and says Lord is amazing, a person advised me for a rented residence, I will inform him to look the room.
Dada ji asks who’s he, is he a terrific guy. Mansoor says don’t worry, I assure, he’s a pleasing guy. Pritam receives the resource done. He says its a bit thing, I will see him, we can beat him a lot, I will make him a ghost, however now no longer now, you furthermore mght live calm, as soon as the paintings happens, then we can beat him. The guy says this location isn’t safe. Pritam says we can have a brand new location now, I should live in respectable locality, you each don’t display me your face. They laugh. Amrita receives scared while a bulb blasts. Angad says its only a bulb. They visit Kabir. Kabir says I m locating a process at the website, I gets the process, Angad, I will go away it while you get a process. Amrita says I will slap you, have your coffee. Kabir likes the coffee. Angad smiles. Kabir asks will you name mummy. Angad says I will educate you for interview. Kabir says go away it, inform me approximately Meera. Angad says I don’t need to speak approximately her. Kabir says I omit her. He says I m going now, name me later. He is going. Amrita says I additionally can’t overlook Meera. Kabir says I recognize Angad couldn’t overlook her.

Amrita says its now no longer clean to overlook the only you love, Karan didn’t go away from right here. Kabir says time heals each wound. Amrita says wounds heal, recollections can’t get erased, Amrita and Karan’s call can’t get separated. Its morning, Kabir receives prepared for the process interview. Nimmo says its Karan’s shirt, why did you provide it to him. Amrita asks why, doesn’t Karan’s siblings have a proper on his things, simply bless Kabir. Kabir jokes. He says I gets the process today, due to the fact Karan is with me.

Everyone blesses Kabir. Kabir and Angad go away. Amrita hears a few sound. Baljeet and Pammi get a man home. He says he’s the brand new tenant. Dada ji asks why did you get him suddenly.