Here, Kairav asks what is this chit? Kartik says this was in the ring parcel his companion gave. Sirat sees it and recollects Ranveer’s penmanship and thinks why Ranveer is here? What is happening? In any case, thinks to fail to remember it as she is pushing forward.

Here, Maudi sees Rhea outside and requests that she come inside for commitment. Maudi goes. Rhea thinks why she came here, it’s so hard to see her affection become somebody else’s. She abruptly hears Ranveer chatting accessible if the need arises saying Chandan I discovered Sirat. Chandan says what?

Ranveer says I saw Maudi here and saw Sirat’s boxing coat. Ranveer is approached to return by Chandan. Here, Rhea believes it’s Ranveer, who is Sirat’s ex. Rhea stops him saying you are Ranveer na who is Sirat’s ex. Ranveer says no and is going to leave when Rhea says how Sirat consistently misses her. Rhea says Maudi is causing Sirat to wed powerfully as the kid has cash. Ranveer feels furious.