The present scene begins with Kartik holding Sirat. Dev charge Sirat and says she was falling all over on him. He says don’t know which inebriation she does as she was attempting to come nearer to him. Dev says he was there than he didn’t did anything. He adds Sirat was attempting to do all these to arrive at National’s. Kartik stands stunned and takes out Sirat from that point. There, Mainsh and Goenka’s hang tight for Kartik. Gayu says he went to take Sirat.

Manish says Kartik is his child and not a driver that he went to take somebody. Mauri stands stunned. Suwarna advises to Goenka’s that Karitk and Sirat is in transit as, Kartik informed her. Vansh and Kairva request that Goenka’s dance as it is holikadahan today. Suhasini ask Mainsh not to ruin kids’ state of mind. Mauri says Mainsh don’t care for their quality in this way, she has done game plans for holikadahan independently and will celebrate with Sirat.

Opposite side, inebriated Sirat ask Kartik not to contact her when last was attempting to take care of her curd to bring her into faculties. Tranquilized Sirat denounce Kartik for sending her to Dev. Kartik feels awful for Sirat and lament sending her to Dev. Sirat returns to her detects. She reviews what all occurred at carport. Sirat cries thinking Dev attempted to contact her improperly. She figure Dev accomplished a major issue with her.

Kartik illuminates Sirat that he saved her in the scratch of the time. He apologize to Sirat for sending her to Dev. Sirat ask Kartik not to blame himself as at web all that great was expounded on Dev. Kartik and Sirat both chooses to show Dev a thing or two. Sirat ask Kartik not to illuminate Mauri about equivalent to she will not have the option to bear.

Afterward, Kartik and Sirat reach back home. Kairav ask Kartik for what good reason they got late. Karitk concocts a rationalization. Mauri ask Sirat for what good reason she look drained. Sirat says she did boxing training after long in this manner, she is drained. Mauri request that Sirat prepare. Further, Sirat review about Dev and blows up. She stow away from Mauri. Here, Goenka’s attempt to discover why Kartik is vexed. Read more……….