Yeshu 28th January 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode begins with Maria’s significant other reveals to Joseph that he adores Yeshu so much, yet whatever happened this time, isn’t right. He says you will not help Yeshu. Maria inquires as to whether your child is God and will restore Neema’s vision. Joseph says the issue is about Yeshu’s trust on God and we will not demotivate him. Mary says we simply need him to help Neema. Maria says I will reveal to Rabbi Guru ji that we are leaving this town. Mary says might be this is our test as well, towards God. She requests that she trust God and have confidence in Yeshu. Maria requests that she leave her hand and says tomorrow she will go with her children. Her better half gets stunned.

Joseph says yeshu is destined to give love and harmony to the individuals, yet his family has such a lot of outrage and scorn for him. Mary says I am certain that Yeshu will win everybody’s heart, Maria and Rabbi Guru’s hearts.


Yeshu is sitting in his room. Yakub tells that the sound ball was great. Aashiya inquires as to whether he is feeling that Neema’s visual perception will return or not. Yeshu says I can simply petition God for her, similar to I appealed to God for the feathered creature.


He says Neema has such a lot of outrage in her for her dad and God. In the event that she fails to remember her displeasure, at that point God can favor her with vision. He says Maa had said that aficionados need to keep their confidence solid in God. All at once Rabbi Guru ji pushes Neema on the floor. Leena asks her and Rabbi Guru ji to quiet down. Neema holds his hand and hits herself with his hand. Master ji smacks her and she tumbles down. Master ji reprimands Yeshu for her willfulness and says I realize the best approach to get her obstinacy out. He makes a sound and asks did you hear the voice?

Yeshu feels everybody and says make God’s home set in your heart. Master ji picks the stick to beat her. Yeshu sympathizes with her agony. Aashiya rushes to call Mary. Yakub and Manu get stunned. Neema tells that she will bear the thrashing if his indignation quiets. Leena asks him not to beat her. Rabbi Guru ji says I will take out her stubborness and takes her out. Mary comes to yeshu and discovers him apprehensive. She says open your eyes, I am with you. He opens his eyes and says I need to take a quick trip and see Neema. He runs out. Everybody go behind him.


Rabbi Guru ji take Neema out and pushes her. He cautions Leena not to give her food today and says she will be fine in the event that she remains outside today. Individuals assemble there. Rabbi Guru ji begins acting and says she had hit me with ball, however I have excused her. He says God got vexed and requested that I rebuff her, so she can do retribution. He picks a stone and requests that she keep the stone on her head till dusk and stand throughout the day.

He cautions Leena and takes her inside. Neema stands keeping stone on her head. Individuals feel awful on her. Neema calls Yeshu and says she didn’t blow up. She says I realize you are here. Rabbi Guru ji says I requested that you remain under the sunrays. Neema remains under the sunrays. Yeshu hears her and picks a stone from the beginning. Mary attempts to stop him. Yeshu keeps the stone on his head. Mary requests that he take it off. Yeshu says whoever is representing God, I will represent them. Joseph, Maria and her better half come there. Maria insults Yeshu.


Mary says Yeshu is supporting Neema with the goal that her terrible occasions end quick. Neema feels parched and tells Yeshu. Yeshu says even me, yet don’t stress, yearning will get moderate gradually and afterward we won’t feel parched. He requests that she educate how she felt concerning the sound ball. Neema is going to swoon. Yakub says she is going to black out. Yeshu petitions God to help her. The sunrays are covered by the mists soon and the sky gets dull in the early evening itself. The person says how did the mists come as of now. Mary takes a gander at Joseph.

Leena serves food to Rabbi Guru ji. He begins eating the food, while his significant other ganders at Neema and cries. Yeshu says the mists will be set like this till night, at that point you won’t feel parched and hungry. Neema requests that he re-visitation of his home. Yeshu says companions never leave other. He says I can’t decrease your agony, yet can remain by you. Read More……...

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