Yes bank share news

Yes bank share news : 10 september 2020:- Today we are going to talk about yes bank, according to a news revealed that Yes Bank High traded 0.8 percent on Thursday 09:44 AM (IST). And it has raised its hands on about 017454 shares, these shares have opened at around Rs 13.69, apart from this, they have touched a very high level of Rs 13.91 and Rs 13.67 respectively.

Similarly, according to the news, another thing has come out that out of these shares, 52 week high is Rs 178.0 and 52 week low is Rs 5.65.

Financials, if told for your information, then Busy Bank is a bank in which only the market cap is Rs 34199.95 crore.

YES Bank reported 32702.70 crore and non-performing assets with it 8157.50 crore success and non-performing assets.

This bank also includes interest and rebate on advances and bills in limited as well as major products / revenue segments, in which those who have contributed a huge amount for the sale, have contributed 22922.64 crores.

For your information, the price of the bank’s share is gradually decreasing. Talking about the whole year, in 2019 the price was about 65 to 75 imagica but now its price has been very low but now its The price has been reduced from 30 to 10, the price has been reduced from 10 to 30.

If we talk about the last month, their share price is getting very low in the month also.