Scene starts with Parveen is eager to such an extent that her little girl in-law is pregnant and she needs to commend the second with the whole family. Aman says to his mom Roshni would not like to impart the news to the relatives and she needs some time so we shouldn’t orchestrate these sorts of festivities as of now. Everyone thinks that its odd and says why she would not like to share this?

Aman helps to remember the expression when they are isolated and he feels that because of that Roshni isn’t prepared to share the news wild Roshni things that a man shouldn’t enlighten the family regarding I am being the kidney giver. In any case, the individuals from the house are prepared to commend the occasion. When abruptly Roshni additionally comes there and asks what is happening? Everyone attempts to cover it up and Sara says that Saima is pregnant and that is the reason we are celebrating here.

Roshni gets glad to hear this and she compliments Saima. She vows to her that I will bring the world’s best amazement present for you. On the opposite side, Aman is getting killed for Roshni as the impact of the reason for Laila isn’t yet finished and this is the thing that is disturbing him to such an extent. Out of nowhere Aman saw that the roof of the house got broken and the piece is going to fall on Roshni. He stops it with his wizardry however Roshni feels very frightened and she was not prepared for it.

Chotu is attempting to awaken Locha Pari and she applied pixie dust which turns out to be lethal in contact with water. Roshni is standing other than pool territory and the pixie dust falls on the pool. Roshni got hauled in the water and fortunately Aman is available and the spot and he saves her indeed however the two of them are feeling bad since that assault is going on consistently which is certifiably not a decent sign. Manchester Roshni that the impact of the revile by Laila is getting lethal.

Roshni says she can’t live with the dread of biting the dust each second and in the event that it is undoubtedly the most recent day of a day to day existence, she needs to go through it with her relatives by celebrating and appreciating it. She needs to go through it with her loved ones.

Aman doesn’t care for the subject at all and he gets enthusiastic and afterward he gives her location and says kindly wear it and comes out and you will glance great in it. everyone is sitting tight for Roshni ground floor when she comes before all and she is glancing wonderful in that dress which Aman skilled her. She is descending by dropping the steps when the toy vehicle of chhotu unexpectedly comes beneath her feet and she is going to tumble from the steps however Aman again saves Roshni yet this time the relatives doesn’t consider this to be as a simple incident. Read more……