Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 9 September 2020 Written Updates

Today’s episode starts with Meenakshi and Abir crying and she says that you can’t keep anyone else in the house as it is raining in the house and she says that I have stopped helping any helpless person now Kunal Asking about Meenakshi that you also think the same about me and Meenakshi tries to defend herself but now Kunal starts arguing with her then Meenakshi gets into a fight with Abir in the morning Decided to leave home with Misty

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And on the other hand on behalf of Meenakshi Abir apologizes to Kunal and he tells Kunal and Kuhu that because of him there should be no difference in your relationship and on the other hand Misty meets Vishambar on video call and Miss Bir Kunal and Khoob are always showered with rain at lunch time.

And there on the other side is thinking that the fight of Abir and Meenakshi is affecting Kunal and you asked Kunal for lunch and mistakenly asks Kunal that Varsha is not her birth mother then he would tell her Once he and his father went on a picnic

Kaushal on the other hand asks Meenakshi why she can do so badly about Kunal and she tells Meenakshi Kaushal to focus on Abir and Misty and Abir are talking about adopting the child Mystic She puts the idea in front of Abir and says that now is not the right time to adopt children

And then Kunal Meenakshi comes there, now Rajshree and Vishambhar also come there and he ignores Mistry, Misty gets confused by giving poison and this is where the episode ends.