Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 7 September 2020 Written Updates

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 7 September 2020 Written Updates, it will be shown that she asks Misti to book a cab with her Kuhu, then she turns around and answers and says why don’t you get the cab book done with your phone then Misty Explains to her that her mobile is not working otherwise I would have recharged myself but then Kuhu asks Basti where do you want to go who is booking the cab but Misty lies and he is thinking this on the other side right now That he will adopt a child and live a good life

The whiskey then hugs Kuhu and gently puts the money in his pocket, caring for him and she leaves herself. He just comes back home and asks about Misty and then starts talking Tells Kuhu that Misty has gone to Vishambhar’s house, now Abir asks Vishambhar that 20 was there but he says she can’t find him here, then he asks her for the cab driver’s number so that Whiskey’s address Could take

Abir talks to the driver and the house says that Misty is not even with him then he breaks down from inside and he finds out that Misty has left the house Meenakshi comes to Kabir again and the two argue there And now there is a conversation going on about Misty and Abir tells Gulal that Meenakshi had attacked Nishchit and he is sad and Abir misses Misty on his brother and he doesn’t have dreams and Misty Nidhi Abir’s Spending romantic time in her thoughts together in real Mishti is screaming thinking about Abir

St arrives at the bus stand and wishes Abir happiness and on the other hand Vishambhar gets very upset for Rajshree and Varsha Misty Varsha calls Kuhu and Kunal and asks Ku about Mirchi then Kunwar Sa Lies that Mistry is with them

Jasmeet Jai further tells that she is lying. If Maheshwari finds out that Misty has left the house then Rajshree faints and calls that number doctor and I on the other hand Meenakshi I just got married Decided and later reaches the house of Vishambhar dynasty and asks about the soil Meenakshi and Hiraram stay and this is where the episode ends