Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 5 September 2020 Written Updates

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 5 September 2020 Written Updates, you guys will see that right now it says that whenever I think that I will be alone and only then Misty’s smile doesn’t let her go away and then Misty is feeling bad for Abir. After that Meenakshi thinks that she can never forgive Mistry because of this because Karan is sad.

And on the other hand Kuhu is correcting Kunal that she wants to help Abir and Misty and she is telling Kunal to plan a child by doing so give up the idea of ​​Meenakshi Abir’s second marriage because they They are getting remarried because Misty can never be a mother

And there on the other side Misty and Abir are spending time with each other and after that he still comforts Mistry and tells Misty to keep smiling forever then he feeds each other ice cream cake and there Rajshree and Vishambhar come talking to each other and think about Meenakshi and Abir

Mistry further asked Veer to share her grief. Yesterday she knew that she could not be a mother, so she told the truth now. What are you thinking then Rudas delivers now then Rajshree and Vishambhar suggest to console Abir and Ghatshil agrees

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 4 September 2020 Written Updates

Abir’s heart beats towards Misty and he is always thinking of Mistry to be with him then after hearing these words of Abir in Misty he remembered Meenakshi’s words when he said that this relationship is just a compromise And I get depressed

Rajshree comes to her child hero and Abir Rajshree comes to Rajshree to her child hero and Abir sets fire to Rajshree they share conversation with each other Rajshree motivates Abir and tells him not to worry And there on the other side Vishambhar talks to Mistry and after that Mistry promises himself that she will never let tears come in her eyes no matter how much pain comes

At the end of the episode, Abir asks her to help him, then Misty yells at him and decides to leave the house, then asks Mistry from home if you can book a cab for him or not. The latter asks why all the train then asks for child adoption. This is where the episode ends.