Today’s episode begins with a moment of Mishbir closing his eyes. Right now Misty says that both of them will do what they say, then Abir says that he will do whatever is good for him and he says that he Surrogacy is very much afraid of the idea as Misty and Ko share a good relationship in the past. Then Misty says that she is very surprised wondering why Kuku did so much for them then Abir says from the mud that it The idea was not of Meenakshi but of Kuhuka.

On the other side Kuhu is crying and Kunal is trying to silence her. And on the other side Kuhu is trying to stop the adoption of the baby, at the same time, Meenakshi reaches the room and gets scared. Varsha gets very upset thinking about Kohu’s decision and then tells Varsha to talk with Abir. There on the other side Ramesh is doing with Mistry right now, after that Misti says to control that we are in NGO then still lives that her whole life is going to be changed with surrogacy. Whatever we will never let him do it, then it will not rain yet, he asks Abir about his plan for the rain and says that you will see Kuhu change his decision automatically.

Sher Kunal and Kuhu have not been called yet to meet separately. Kunal and Ko say yes to change their decision and go to hell. Then after that Kunal’s words bring tears to the eyes of Abir and Vishwaveer is absolutely agreeable to surrogacy. Kunal hoon Kunal and Abir together embrace all people, later Kuhu has told all this thing to Meenakshi. And then Misty and Abir have asked him not for surrogacy or on the other side Misty and Abir are thinking that we do not know whether we have done right or wrong. And Misty says that I have seen a lot of change in Kuhu’s behavior and then it remains that I know that Meenakshi is behind the changing behavior of Kuhu.

On the other side there Kuhu tells Meenakshi that you remember your promise and Meenakshi again says that she remembers her promise and tells Koho to start her surrogacy process first. The next day all the people are ready to go to the hospital, the punishment is given to the list that if you are scared then you can still get out of here. Misty decides to talk to Varsha, this is where the episode ends.