Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 16 September 2020 Written Update

Today’s episode starts with vanraj Bhai who becomes very happy to see Kuhu back at home. Then Mystique tells the East that I have a lot of good news for you guys. And she says that at the end of this month, Abhishek and I are going to adopt the child. Then tells you that you do not want to be the only local protector of your child and then stop now it says that you become a friend of the child or a style partner. Piku says that I mean that I want to be the surrogate mother of the child. At the same time, Misty and Abhi Nem refused to take help.

Misty and Abir pledge to the orphanage to sign the paper. And then Abir is thinking about Kuhu. On the other hand, Kunal thanked Kuhu very heartily for his decision. Kunal tells Kuhu that both Misty and Abeer have left to sign the papers. Kuhu made an advice to stop Mishbir. Kumbhi comes to the orphanage and now she can have them and asks her why she is pressurizing her to make her a surrogacy. Kuhu tells her upside down that she is doing all this for his pleasure only. Veer gets very angry about her and he goes to Meenakshi and tells her that if you have your hand behind this behavior then it can be very harmful for you. And Meenakshi will have to compensate you for that loss.

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The mother, on the other hand, gets tense after hearing about this decision of Varsha. And Rajshree has asked Kuhu to change his decision. Ku Ku Ku Which Veer is getting a chance to become a serogate there, giving Misty and Abir the seventh and I both tell some good time together. Now Mistry gets the hag and that is where the episode ends.