Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 15 september 2020 Written Update

Today’s episode begins with Vishambhar and Kunal, and those people are understanding why this demand has been made. Kunal says that he was not doing all this to hurt anyone. Kunal says that everyone in the house was upset, that’s why I did all this to solve everyone’s problems. Kunal then apologizes to everyone there. After that you say that you are asking for this apology, because Misty and Abir have told him all this, that he did not think that he was a child making machine. And then Kunal says that he is very sorry for his big mistake. Kunal apologizes to her again, and begs her to come home. Varsha says that Ko Hoon will not come there at all, even when Meenakshi has stopped repeating all this, but then Varsha says that Kohu should not stay here, he also believes that he should stay here Should be far from Then Vishambhar says that till tomorrow Kohu’s anger will calm down and only then something will be found out.

In the hospital, Meenakshi talks with Nidhi, and says that she is worried about the house and hence keeps telling her everything. Nidhi absolutely agrees. On the other side there Misti tells you this, that when her fight with Kuhu was going on, now and then you had gone to her maternal house, where would you go now. What does Misty say that maybe she should go to the hospital right now, tells Kunal that not yet again Kunal speaks to Abir about how Mistry also warned Meenakshi at the hospital and that is how the conversation starts between them . And their displeasure also goes away.

Misty gave a good suggestion to Kunal that it should go to Kuhu’s house and talk to him well and also apologized to him. Kunal gets silent on hearing this. Nidhi listens to them and decides to inform Meenakshi where Varsha tells her on the other side that she will never let Meenakshi win and nothing bad will ever happen to her. Seeing each other, she gets very tired and asks that she is where she was doing and she makes an excuse and says that she has come to tell him that she is missing an officer, then Meenakshi The message of the policy was that Mishti Abir Kunal, all the people are coming home and live at the same time. Meenakshi quickly finishes her work from there, and hurriedly leaves and Kunal goes to Ho, and apologizes to her.

But in the meantime, Vishambhar comes there and takes everyone in and says that when the decision to talk was made yesterday morning, what have all of you come to do here at night. Then Kunal has so much regret of her mistake and has come to take Kuhu with her only Varsha says that she cannot send Kunal’s house until Meenakshi comes to where she is then all the people Let’s go back to the house, just wait, a phone call comes and it is revealed that he can adopt a child soon. He becomes very happy. When discharged from the hospital, Meenakshi arrives at the house and Abir tells everyone that the child is going for adoption and thus the problem will be solved and he will bring Kuku back as well and the episode ends there. She then goes on to say in the next episode that she can become a surrogate for Misty’s child