Yeh Rishtey hain pyaar ke 14 September 2020 written Update

Today’s episode starts with Abir where Abir is waiting for Misty with his eyes closed and in a short time Misty comes there and says that she will adopt Raju and talk to him and Nothing will be hidden, she will clear one thing at a time and, she says just wait, keep your eyes closed. Then he is asked if he is ready to tell, so Abir opens his eyes and is very surprised to see Meenakshi in his old group and then both of them feel a romantic moment. Then Misty runs from there and, goes to the master and, Kuku is going somewhere with her back. Appeal asks Misty where she is going with the bag. Then Kuhu explains that Kunal and Meenakshi have made her the surrogate of a clay child. She tells Kuhu that Kunal has been asking her for clothes for 9 months, which is very wrong. Misty and Abir are very surprised to hear all this, and then tells Kunal not to do this play to Kuhu. Kuhu feels very much when she hears all this, and then she leaves the house despite Misty and Abir stopping her.

And on the other hand she reaches Vishambhar’s house, and tells this number everything is true. The number says that she knew that Meenakshi would take such a step to fulfill her stubbornness after that. She screams a lot, and today she consoles him and, she hugs Rajshree. There Meenakshi goes to Lal on the other side, and scolds Kunal, that you have done too much wrong, and after that still comes there and says all this, that you have done too much wrong then Kunal There he starts arguing, but Abir tells him that his demand is absolutely wrong, and he feels that Kunal is speaking Meenakshi’s own words, not his own, and Kunal is still not admitting his mistake and , Abir gets very angry but Mistry stays with him.

Only Jasmeet says that if Misty was in his place, he would not let her leave the house now but Kunal did not support Kuhu at all, and let him leave the house and Varsha agrees. . But Rajshree misrepresents this, and Abir calls Kuhu but does not pick up the phone, so he gets confused as to why she is not picking up the phone.

Rajshree calls Mitti to her, and I ask to meet her. So when she goes in front of Mistake, Mishti shouts a lot and expresses her sorrow Rajshree says, that this is not the time to cry at all but it is time to fight. Everything tells the truth. Then Meenakshi comes to meet Kunal Meenakshi starts crying and says that her house is breaking down due to her 1 month then Kunal consoles Meenakshi but Misty stops her and she asks Kunal all this if you It really seems that your demand is justified and Kunal is completely silent and is thinking as if he is wrong, now Misty listens carefully and takes him away, Meenakshi is absolutely shocked.

Varsha is blaming Rakhu for Kuhu’s misfortune now, and is taunting him then Abir also apologizes to him and says that he has come to take Guru and also wants to apologize to him, and he Varsha says that he has to apologize to Kunal and on the other hand Kunal realizes his mistake, and he is ready to apologize to Kuku, and that is where the episode ends.