Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 12 September 2020 Written Update

In the episode, Misty asks me to help Srishti and Kabir and goes to Gulal Chowk and asks his mother that he is helping Misty and also confirming her surrogate and I Absolutely Can’t understand what you said and Meenakshi says about it that now it cannot hear my words at all. Kunal says that Mom Abir is listening to your words. Of becoming and then says that his mother asks him to adopt the child from the adoption agency

And brother says that once the voice of his people in Russia, Meenakshi says that I need your help very much and Kunal also says sorry and goes out of the hospital room and talks to Vishambar Rajshri on the other side. It happens that what Abir had called yesterday seems to be very disturbing, since December, it says that from now on, when you call us, Abir’s call will come and a lot of balloons come in front of him and he will give Misty and Abir After coming out, he sees the mechanic and says to him, “Big father, all of us are ready to dance, we are also ready to adopt the children, and both of us only need your elders’ blessings and he says that we can both of you And is very happy for both of them and as soon as he breaks the work, he gets ahead of Kunal a lot.

Kunal starts to feel that this family has done a lot for me, now it is my duty to do something for this family, Abir jokingly says that you have to make a super uncle. As soon as Abir and Misty arrive at home, Kuhu does not know why Misty did not tell you this. In the same way, she congratulates him and says that she is his debtor Misty asks for sorry and stops him from getting drunk. Abir asks Kunal what I told you Kunal says about Meenakshi’s words. He starts thinking, but as he is about to tell, Kaushal comes there and starts saying that Meenakshi’s sister Uma Patel has been fired, similarly there will be no quarrel between Kuhu and Kunal. Now his love story is going well.

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You will see that Meenakshi’s BP checks and says why did you try to take such a step. And the nurse says that your family is very good. And the nurse examines him and outside you will see that say Meenakshi is looking from outside. She then calls the army and starts saying that sister you check my wife once again and she starts lying on seeing Kanal. Is that my only son is very good.

She says that I like Kunal very much and I have made a mistake, that is why I have lost some authority when Grandma comes there and says that after hearing the son’s name her BP gets cured and she gives medicine. Kunal says that I will suppress. Kunal tells his mother why you have fired Uma Patel from the job. Meenakshi starts telling her that someone will come between us and you and our company feels wrong to anyone, I will not let her stay in that company. What you said is that Jai Shankar Kunal goes into the house and asks them that I am fine she starts shouting loudly and does not go into the house and you tell her that a paint for me has decreased by 2 kg. Both Kunal and Abir start laughing.