Today’s episode starts while she informs Kunal. Abhi feels that Misty does not ask to leave the house, then says that I know I cannot leave her but they have to be separated to keep the love in the same way and punish Ko to go somewhere with her. Have to say that they have already seen that I have not got anything to stay with Meenakshi. This is how they are shocked to hear this.

As the girl asks Meenakshi why he was doing Kaal, Parval comes clapping from behind. She tells the map that her family is on the verge of breaking up. Meenakshi thinks about bringing Meenakshi from Parol to Kunal and then closer. But tells them to go away from him.

Later you will see that Mishti prays before God, Tanishka mission is completed, but she weeps with Misty. Mistry explains her plan to her and says that fearing of losing the daughter, Meenakshi will understand that she is very much wrong. The festival is over listening to Misty and she is relieved then blesses her.

On the other side you will see whether to tell or ask to leave and tells her to go now and tells her that it is Misty’s decision, in this group asks Graves if she is so worried about Kunal. Kaho says that she wanted to but did not have the same sim, did not have the liver to let her go. Similarly, late in the night, Mishti Abir Gulal and Meenakshi fly away during the night.

Kunal tells them to tell the message. 4 Gaya falls. Now he tries to explain a lot that he doesn’t. In the morning you will see Misty drop a box and ask her to keep it in the car. Today you will see that right now comes to Misty and asks her what is certain. Next you will see that Meenakshi asks either Yasu to trust him. . We will see further that Nidhi starts crying and tells Misty not to leave, Kunal gives his jacket to Abir. So that whenever he remembers, he sees the wound. Similarly Nidhi tells Kunal to stop Misty and Abe.

Mishti tells Abir to come along, Nidhi tells her that she will not go without meeting Meenakshi. The map also arrives there and tries if Meenakshi will leave the house, compared to allowing Kunal Kahu and Parol to stay back at home. Meenakshi agrees. Kunal is ready to leave the house. Meenakshi asks Misty what she wants to be back in the house. I think of giving her the money. Mistake tells her that she just wants to leave the tax. Misty and Abir meet Nidhi Kunal and Parul are about to leave the house that Neely tells Meenakshi to stop them by telling Sikar episode It ends.

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