Today’s episode begins with Kunal, who stands at the door, Varsha closes the door. Kunal invites Varsha inside for blessing, Varsha refuses to come in. Kuhu comes in there and invites Kunal and Abhi inside.

After this, they come to know that the clan wants to say that and Kunal is out of the house, Parul tells Abir that Varsha should be under stress Meenakshi tells Kunal and Abir that he can understand anyone except him. The way he thinks he is wrong.

Mishti does not say that Varsha is not wrong, she says that she has booked a flat in Mumbai with which she will have an affair. Abir and Kunal go to the Chowk. Lakshmi says that when a child comes, he is born into a happy family and that’s why he wants to go out of the house for the sake of the survivors.

Abir asks Mishti about her decision. Misty tells him that she is serious. Kunal tells them that I do not want to do that. She tells Mister that she was thinking about the child Meenakshi comes over there and from the mud. She says that I can not get out of the family. Mishti says that if she does not value him, that is why there is no use of fighting. Similarly Meenakshi comes out of Mishbir and closes the door and says that the rays of the sun She also enters the house with his permission. Just breaks the door, he tells Meenakshi that he does not agree with Mistry.

Next you will see that Kaho asks Abir to return her brother. Mitti says she will not change her decision. Kunal leaves the room and later Misty tells that they pretend to break up to bring the family closer. Have to do.

Similarly, Inder Kahun comes to know about this thing, on the other hand there is a shift in Vishambhar Mumbai. Varsha says that she has taken the right decision. Say similar hu defends Abir and Misty and says that she talks with Misty but never wanted to separate from Kunal right now. If they say that Kunal and Abir are like each other’s heartbeat and soul, they cannot separate. A similar episode ends.

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke