Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 4 September 2020 Written Updates

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 4 September 2020 Written Updates At the beginning of today’s episode you will see that Abir is apologizing to Mishti which Meenakshi had asked him to apologize and Abir says that he knows that she was trying to fight with the situation but Meenakshi and I am very sorry then Mitti also feels sorry and she starts saying that I fought with Meenakshi only when she interfered in my life everyday

After that they say I love you to each other and then just wait a call comes from the broker and then Misty asks if you were buying a house then just now give her a good and happy life and say That she doesn’t have to go out of the house

There on the other hand Rajshree is screaming and getting very angry thinking about Misty and Varsha and Jasmeet are giving the same consolation then Misty calls Vishambhar and talks to him and tells him that just a new one Kuhu agrees to find the house and then calls Varsha and asks her to support Meenakshi and there Kunal remembers Meenakshi’s bitter words and feels very bad.

After that Meenakshi brings a letter and gives it to Meenakshi and says to take care of it and give it to him when Abir comes then Misty reads the letter and it says Meenakshi to end her life After she leaves, Misty saves her life and explains to her and gets angry with her why you are taking such a wrong step and Meenakshi says that I can’t live without Abir, you will be with her so I will live I will die so let me die and on the other side Misty says don’t separate the two of us

After that Meenakshi said that you both have to be separated for 1 day so you just leave it now but Mistry absolutely refuses to leave now. After this Meenakshi blackmails Misty and sister asks the situation that Can you just sacrifice your life for the fall and Misty starts thinking then Meenakshi tells her that I will wait for her answer

After this Meenakshi decides not to make Abir happy or sad. She goes to Mystic again and asks him to decide to leave Abir. Misty is crying after hearing Meenakshi’s words and after that Abir with Rajshree Is thinking about the issue but there Misty has left the house and the episode ends