Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (YRKKH) 7 January 2021 Episode Written

Kairav says its great fun. Kartik expresses gratitude toward Vedika for the plans. He says kids are cheerful, I m additionally glad. She expresses profound gratitude, you need to taste the frozen yogurt I made. He says sure. Naira peruses, the individuals who stroll on the way of good need not get terrified, Lord is with them. She says once I know reality, Kartik won’t acknowledge Vedika. Vedika says Kartik is a decent individual, he acknowledged me. She cries and expresses profound gratitude Kartik, I will attempt to keep you much glad that you don’t miss Naira.

Kartik says the frozen yogurt is acceptable. The family comes. Vedika expresses gratitude toward them for coming. She figures everybody will acknowledge me soon. Dadi acclaims Vedika. Kairav says even my mumma does everything soon. Kartik makes him taste the frozen yogurt. Children make the desires and appeal to Santa. Kartik looks on. He likewise makes a wish. He thinks about Vedika’s words and thinks I had no alternate way. Gayu sees Samarth composing a wish. He shrouds it. She requests that he show it. He says its a mystery wish. She says I know it. She shows her note. They embrace.

The two of them have a similar wish to get a child young lady. Naira slams into a woman and the pack gets traded. She searches for the woman to get her sack back. Vedika says for what reason is Umesh coming here, would he be able to hang tight for Pallavi. She sees Umesh. Vansh says my companions didn’t get the covers. Vedika gives him the covers. Kairav asks won’t Santa come in our gathering. Dadi says Santa is here. She thinks Naira has come. Naira comes moving as Santa. Dadi requests that she offer endowments to kids. Kartik sees Naira. Vedika goes to Umesh. Dadi requests that everybody dance. Naira goes to her room and cries. Kartik thinks about her. Dadi says once I realize what did Vedika do, at that point all will be well. Vedika asks Umesh for food and medication.


He expresses profound gratitude, there are numerous costs since the activity occurred. Naira thinks who is he. Umesh says next time, don’t postpone in giving cash. Vedika says you meet Pallavi next time, don’t come here, simply go. Naira records this and thinks how is this associated with Pallavi. Naira runs and falls in Kartik’s arms. She cries. Vedika says is that Naira, clearly, she came in the gathering. She pursues Santa. She considers Dadi to be Santa. Dadi says Santa needs to go, I became Santa for the children. Vedika feels that wasn’t Dadi. Dadi says I have seen Vedika coming. Vedika says I can’t not be right, that was truly Naira. Naira follows Umesh. He leaves in the vehicle. She feels the agony and attempts to surge. She asks in what manner will I follow him, there is no taxi here, specialist rejected for effort, what to do, I will get that man, whatever all of you did with Kartik, its not right, I will get you rebuffed Vedika. Read More….


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