The present scene begins with Ranveer inquiring as to whether the spot he holds in his day to day existence is being supplanted by Kartik. He inquires as to whether he like Kartik as he is taught and rich. Sirat asks Ranveer wouldn’t he be able to sit calm for some time. She leaves.


Ranveer goes behind Sirat. Kartik requests that Sirat and Ranveer go along as their life is in harm’s way. He advises to Ranveer that Chandan educated him that Ranveer’s dad has send hooligans to murder them. Ranveer won’t get away and says he will confront his dad’s thug. Sirat also support Ranveer.

Kartik requests that Ranveer and Sirat stop over responding. He says to Ranveer once he saved him and Sirat from his dad that doesn’t mean each time he will actually want to. Kartik requests that Sirat and Ranveer sit in the vehicle.


Kartik opens vehicle for Sirat. Ranveer and Kartik the two glances at Sirat (kyun fundamental jagoon) melody plays behind the scenes. Sirat sits with Kartik.

Ranveer, Sirat and Kartik reviews their minutes with one another. Ranveer gets a call from Chandan. He requests that Chandan tell where he is as he needs to come to him.


Chandan requests that Ranveer be the place where he is as Chauhan is searching for him to slaughter him. Ranveer says he isn’t terrified of Chauhan. Chandan asks Ranveer not to return. Ranveer requests that Kartik stop the vehicle. Kartik won’t tune in to Ranveer.

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Ranveer leaves the vehicle. He advises to Kartik that he needs to confront Chauhan alongside Sirat. Kartik persuade Ranveer not to take a choice in hustle. He says to Ranveer that Chauhan is same and he can even kill Sirat this time. Ranveer says to Kartik that he needs to assume liability of Sirat. He won’t remain with Goenka’s. Kartik persuade Ranveer to join him.

Sirat, Kartik and Ranveer arrive at home. Kairav gets cheerful seeing Sirat. He embraces Sirat and asks her for what valid reason she left him. Kairav wishes to be with Sirat, Kartik and Akshu consistently. Ranveer, Sirat and Kartik feels abnormal. Sirat appeals to God to do what is best for everybody.

Ahead, Mauri see Ranveer. She figures Ranveer may have advised truth to Sirat. Sirat gets stunned gaining from Mauri that later prevented Ranveer from meeting her. Sirat cries and charges Mauri for breaking her trust. Mauri says to Sirat that she accomplished for her great.


Meanwhile, Goenka’s gets stunned gathering Ranveer. Kartik advises to Goenka’s that Ranveer will remain with them until all that will be arranged. Riya gets cheerful.

There, Sirat laments charging Ranveer. She sobs for not ready to confide in him. Here, Ranveer advises to Kartik that Chandan has come to see him. Kartik asks Ranveer not to escape alongside him.

Ranveer says this time he won’t go alone and will take Sirat as well. Kartik takes a gander at Ranveer. Scene closes with Sirat crying contemplating Mauri’s treachery.

Sirat says to Kartik, she needs to take a choice. She says in the midst of him and Ranveer she needs to pick one. Kartik stuns Sirat by tossing keychain given by Ranveer. Read More……..

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