Yeh Rishta kya kehlata hai Written Update 30 October 2020

Starts with the children while Manish introduces them. I call Goenka’s Ramayana to begin with. A similar thi starts and Krishna and many Kayaras do the play. Naira and Karthik ask Krishna to read in their line. Everyone starts laughing at Krishna. It is good. Karti Naa inspires Kairavat. They convince the coward to be afraid and recite the lines to whoever remembers.

Today you will see that when the play is going on, we see Krishna with Akshara and her focus gets focused. If Krishna will give Cairo to Mane as Ravana. Cairo and Krish complete the final scene. This is likewise completed later in the action, sharing that she is not like Krishna and thus his attention
has moved.


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Naira and Karthik praise both Krishna and Karma, when Cairo sees Krishna with Akshara, he says that he has put his hands on Akshara without washing her hands. In the same way, Suhasini Krishna takes protection and the direct effect is eliminated.


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