Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai Written Update 10th November 2020

Yrkkh Written Updates

The family is concerned since Aditya is as yet disturbing Naksh, Kirti and Naira somehow or another or the other. They are irate that this time Aditya has focused on the children. Police checks Aditya and expect that he is dead.

Kartik and Naira become apprehensive. Aditya gets cognizant. The issue gets greater when Aditya sees Naira Goenka around and blames them to be liable for his mishap.

He would not like to save Goenka family this time. He needs retribution on Kartik and Naira. He recalls the affront. He tells the police that Kartik and Naira’s child had pushed him down. Kairav falls into a wreck, in any event, when Kartik and Naira make a decent attempt to spare him.


Kartik says our children didn’t do anything purposefully. Examiner says somebody is capable, we need to record a grumbling against Kairav. Monitor advises Goenka’s that protest will be recorded against Kairav.


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