Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9 March 2021 Written Update

The present scene begins with Kairav and Kartik see Kabaddi coordinate on versatile. Kartik inquire as to whether he is feeling acceptable at Jaisalmer. Kairav says yes and get some information about him. Kartik says he as well. Kairav and Kartik watch coordinate. Sirat says she excessively once thought to make cake by seeing on portable however it was totally wrecked. Kartik inquire as to whether she will show him Kabaddi. Sirat concur.

Ruler title track plays; Sirat show Kartik Kabaddi. Mukesh see Karitk and Sirat and advise to Sheela that he never was eager to win more than he is this opportunity to make Kartik free. Sheela asks Mukesh what he will do. Mukesh says he will annihilate Kartik’s name. Kartik and Sirat practice Kabaddi. Locals out there see Sirat and Kartik rehearsing and says coordinate just Mukesh will win. Man out there report about Kabaddi coordinate. While, rehearsing Sirat and Kartik shares an eye-lock.


There, Kartik goes to have a shower. Sirat train him. Ahead, Mauri and Sirat examine they don’t have anything gone out to take care of Kartik and Kairav. Sirat says Kartik will battle for them keeping his life in question and they can’t take care of him. Mauri and Sirat get strained. Kartik over hear Mauri and Sirat’s discussion. He hinder and says Kairav is desiring to have daal-baati. Kairav come and asks Kartik what is the issue here. Sirat and Mauri comprehend Karitk is lying. Karitk asks Kairav, he disclosed to him in some cases prior that he needs to have daal and baati. He signal Kairva. Kairav says yes. Kartik request that Kairav bring Sirat and Mauri too.Other side, Gayu searches for Naira. Suwarna and Surekha lie to Gayu. Gayu wiat for Naira. Here, Kartik returns home. Mauri and Sirat decipher Kartik was attempting to help. Sirat returns not many cash to Kartik. She demands him to take. In the mean time, Mukesh spread nails on Kartik’s side.


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