Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata hai 9 December 2020 Written Updates

The present scene begins with Riddhima asks Kairav on the off chance that he will attempt to paint. She keeps tones and brush close to him. Naira and Kartik watch him from far. She wishes that Kairav paints an image and their arrangement works. Kairav sees the shadings and brush and don’t respond. Riddhima and Kartik figure he won’t paint. Kartik gets disturbed. Kairav picks the shading and paints the canvas. Naira gets sorrowful seeing Kairav painting. Kartik and Naira the two gets glad.

Riddhima come and Naira inquires as to whether she saw Kairav. Riddhima says it resembled shooting a bolt in a dim. Kartik says Naira’s thought worked. He adds no educator can show a youngster well in excess of a mother. Riddhima gets vexed. Naira says she currently trust that Kairav will recover soon. Kartik says indeed, Kairav again has begun communicating through a canvas.


Riddhima goes to Kairav. Kairav asks Riddhima how he made an artwork. Riddhima stands weepy. Kairav miss Naira once more. Naira and Kartik chooses to make exceptional dish for Kairav. Naira readies a cupcake for Kairav. Kairav asks Kartik how aai realize he like cupcakes. Kartik says he revealed to her that he began to paint again and likes cupcake as well. Kartik noisily says he love aai. Kairav says the equivalent. Naira gets cheerful. Here, Riddhima thinks how Kairav has such a huge amount of similitude with her youngster.


Ahead, Kartik and Kairav prepare. Naira sees Kartik and Kairav together and wishes to rejoin with them. Riddhima goes into the house and asks Kartik a consent to take Kairav with her. She says she needs to take Kairav in a craftsmanship fest. Kartik permits. Opposite side, Luv Kush gets some information about Kairav. Krish says to Luv Kush that Kairav didn’t push Vansh. Luv Kush inquires as to whether Vansh was lying. Krish gestures yes. Gayu over hears the discussion. She blows up on Luv Kush and Krish.

Further, Naira trains Riddhima as she gains from Kartik that Riddhima took him to a canvas fest. Riddhima gets angry with Naira’s guidance. Afterward, Naira stresses for Kairav. Society watch spots Kartik and Naira together and chooses to uncover team. He calls security and gets an admonishing from the more significant position authority. Naira feels eager post she gets lcoked with Kartik. Kartik plays with Naira in the lift. (Scene closes)


Precap: Kairav gets bug. Naira stresses for her. She says to Riddhima that they ought to examine about Kairav resembles and loathe. Riddhima says to Naira that she will close down on the off chance that she feels Kairav isn’t protected with her. Kaira stands stunned.


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