Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9 April 2021 Written Update

The present scene begins with Luv appearing to Kartik uncovered man. Bare man take a young lady with him in auto. Kartik runs and catch the auto. He requests that the man show the young lady. Kartik sit staggers seeing the young lady isn’t Akshu. He requests the man to take care from his youngster. Kartik advises to the man that his girl is absent.

Opposite side, Sirat follows Riya. Riya checks where she conceal Akshu and stands stunned discovering her no place. She freezes. Sirat comes and stand up to Riya about seizing Akshu. Riya won’t reveal to Sirat anything and comes up with a rationalization. Mainsh comes and backing Riya. He further adds Akshu is a higher priority than all else now. Mainsh cautions Sirat and says he won’t extra her in the event that anything happens to Akshu. Riya and Mainsh leaves the spot.


Sirat discover Akshu’s embellishments at the spot and says her uncertainty is correct. She thinks Riya is behind missing Akshu. Sirat chooses to discover Akshu. There, Kartik feels vulnerable. Luv-Kush deal with Kartik. In the mean time, Kairav weeps for Akshu. Vansh asks Kairav not to cry. Kairav inquires as to whether they will lose Akshu for eternity. Sonu says to Kairav that his sister use to say that God assists the person who with losing trust. Kairav says Naira used to say something similar. Vansh, Sonu and Kairav chooses to discover Akshu.


Sheela see Sonu and says as opposed to aiding Kairav and Vansh he could have make the most of Goenka’s extravagances. She further gets cheerful seeing the food stuffs. Here, Riya thinks where Akshu absent as she kept her securely to the spot. She thinks she thought when Goenka’s will become weary of looking through Akshu than she will bring out Akshu to acquire consideration. Riya calls Akshu bothering.

Afterward, Luv-Kush brings Kartik home. Kartik sits dead. Sirat comes to Kartik and apologize to her. She says to Kartik she doesn’t miss Akshu purposefully. Kartik doesn’t answer to Sirat. Opposite side, Mauri questions on Sheela. She beats her and requests that she tell where is Akshu. Sheela says to Mauri she is ignorant regarding Akshu. Suwarna and Suhasini requests that Mauri quiet down. Sheela says to Suhasini they can even call police however she didn’t hijacked Akshu. Suwarna tells that Mainsh previously educated Police.


Riya petitions God for Akshu as well. Then, Akshu sit under the seat where Sirat and Kartik is sitting. Both neglects to see Akshu. Police come and examines about Sirat. Suwarna and Gayu appeals to God for Akshu. Sirat sobs for Akshu. She appeals to God for Akshara. Sirat see Akshu’s socks and chooses to search for Akshu. She calls Kartik as well. Kartik stands stunned seeing Akshu’s socks. (Scene Ends)

Precap: Sirat uncovers to Kartik about her past and informs him concerning her beau. Somewhere else, Sirat’s sweetheart denotes his entrance. Read more…..


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