Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th April 2021 Written Update

The present scene begins with Sirat getting eager to see Akshu slithering. She gets down on Kartik and tells about Akshu creeping. Kartik gets thrilled. He requests that Sirat request that Akshu show him as well. Akshu doesn’t creep. Kartik tests Sirat’s sanity. He further requests Sirat to accept care from Akshu as he needs to go out for some work. Sirat concur. Kartik thinks once he will return than he will gets some information about to advise him. Sirat plays with Akshu.

There, Sheela appreciates organic products. Riya comes and requests that Sheela uncover Sirat’s past else she will toss her out from the house. Sheela says to Riya not to over savvy her since, supposing that she will go than she will take her along as well. Riya gets enraged with Sheela.


Opposite side, Suhasini gets some information about Akshu. Kartik illuminates Suhasini and Suwarna that Akshu is with Sirat. He tells Sirat was disturbed along these lines investing energy with Akshu. Riya catches Kartik’s discussion and gets enraged with Sirat. In the mean time, Kairav and Vansh become a close acquaintence with Sonu. Sonu gets energized seeing toys. He inquires as to whether he can play with their toys. Kairav says yes. He further talks with Sonu and inquires as to whether any battle occurs between his Parents. Sonu says no. Kairav, Vansh and Kartik stands stunned hearing Sonu. Sonu review Sheela’s assertion and change his assertion. He says no battle occurred among Sheela and Mukesh.


Afterward, Sirat plays with Akshu. She hear some clamor and goes to check. Akshu disappears from Sirat’s room. Sirat and Goenka’s frenzy post discovering Akshu is missing. Goenka’s blame Sirat for her inconsiderateness. Suhasini denounce Kartik for leaving Akshu with Sirat. She asks Kartik he could have comprehend that Sirat isn’t a mother to deal with his youngsters. Riya affect Goenka’s against Sirat. She calls her flippant. Mainsh calls Police to discover Akshu.

Goenka’s rushes to look for Akshu. Riya asks Sirat what will occur if Akshu will disappear. Sirat stands mournful. Afterward, Sirat translates Riya has covered up Akshu. She follows Riya to find out about Akshu. Read More……


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