Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata hai 6 November 2020 Written Episode Updates

Today’s episode begins with Karthik
When he asks Naira to talk to the map and he starts discussing with Kirti that is why Bhega tells you to leave it at home to take care of her. Naira seems to ask Karthik if he is sure. Level Karthik asks Naira if she is doubting him. Naira says no and she hugs Kaufi.

On the other hand, Krishna Kairam and Wyss ask Krishna to call Sarita. Agriculture says what I will tell him and where he will make it. A similar hero hears talking about the temple with Suhasi, that is why the Krishna temples decide to bring my strength. Scabies you will see that Mai Sarkar tries very much for the nanny to fix the defense man with them right now in the temple. Suhasini gives permission and he starts asking if Krishna is coming there too. Sitaram asks for permission to answer Kayra Krishna to go to the wedding. The four children are happy to go to the temple. Being happy, Krishna leaves Vidya’s phone number on the table.


Next you will be shown that Gayu will ask Naira that she is going to the temple. Mera’s song will come with Raju later. Naira does not see the paper and leaves.


Krishna, Krishna, Dynasty and Kayra go to the temple and wait for Aditya. Suvarna and Suhasini teach them all one by one and ask them to try to get out from there if they wish. Skeabies Karthik and Naira talk to Naqsh and Keerti Kayara asks her to understand both till the end. He tries to explain them both a lot but he is adamant on his point.

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On the other hand, Aditya arrives at the temple and he becomes happy thinking that Krish is giving himself a chance to avenge Naira and Going and Karthik. Similarly, we go to meet Krishna. Vanshika, Kaira, Krishna and Krish ask to meet Richa. The children meet Aditya. This child asks Divya to leave the life of Kirti and Naqsh. It is on this way that hears all the children and learns that Kirti and Naqsh have not told him the whole story. In the same way, he asks everyone to come to his house so that I can know his entire truth. But Kahe works with Radhika to go anywhere. Voice and Krishna support. All those children say that I do not like Divya.

On the other hand, you will see that Naqsh refuses to listen to Naira. Similarly, Naira tells them that you don’t hurt Krishna in your fight. Naqsh says that you should explain Kirti. But both of them are adamant on their decision.


On the other hand, you will see that Aditya is trying to tamper with agriculture so that he can take it along. But that government now catches Krish. The episode ends

In yesterday’s episode you will see that Shivaansh manages to get out of the clutches of Kaira Vidya who was forced to come with him. Aditya falls down the stairs at Dhantani. All the children are shocked. Karthik and Naira search for children.

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