Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5 September 2020 Written Updates

Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata hai 5 September 2020 Written updates

Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata hai 5 September 2020 Written updates: – In today’s episode of Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata hai, you will be shown that Naira asks Chhori why she was scared to see him. Similarly Chori embraces Naira and starts crying. The unknown person tried to kidnap him from the hospital and he has just seen the man near the house. Naira asks Chori to silence her. She tells him that no one can do anything as long as you are where you are. Naira starts asking Chori that she can tell the police what that man looked like and the police will sketch it. So that he can catch the stranger. Sorry agrees to this. Later you will see that Naira starts spending time with Chori.

Next you will see that Naira will talk with Karthik’s mannequin and she rules him because he has not wished for her birthday nor did she call once. Devayani will ignore Naira’s point of view on this side. So Naira tries to make an excuse and Devayani asks Noida whether she supports him. Naira realizes with her that she misses Karthik. Devayani tells him not to give up. Says that Naira processes evening with Singhania after that day. In the same way you will see that Naira prays before God for the happiness of all.

Similarly, see that Naira stays at home and participates in worship in Govinda’s cause towards Singhania. Chori is also with Naira. She folds her hands to God for Naira’s happiness and prays for her good.

Similarly, in Govinda cause, Karthik and Kirti argue over Manish’s health. Similarly, Kirti makes Karthik realize his mistake. Chitra Karthik realizes that he has done too much wrong with Naira. He thinks about how he has treated Naira after Manish’s accident, remembering the previous things.

Karthik discusses and realizes that he has been supported with Naira. He feels very bad for Nara. He thinks that how will he be able to face Naira, then he also starts thinking that I am now between Naira and all of me. I will fix something where Naira is dreaming of Karthik and their two living together. Karthik reaches Singhania’s house when you see that Chori opens the door and asks Karthik where he is doing now. It is that he has come to meet Naira here. Marriage Sorry does not allow Karthik to come into the house, then she tells him the story of Lord Ganesha and closes the door, thus today’s episode ends.

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Precap: – On Monday’s episode, an appeal will be made that Karthik apologizes to Naira.