Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai 5 january 2021 written update

The present scene opens with Manish requesting that Kartik quick salvage Naira as they need to get down from the transport. Naira gets goaded and says if Manish and Nakshis resolute not to venture down structure the transport than she don’t need her leg to come out. She shouts. Kartik requests that Manish and Naksh go as he is with Naira. Here, Kairav appeals to God for Naira. Naira’s leg is safeguarded and Kartik report that Naira is fine. Kairav and Goenka’s gets glad. Kairav expresses gratitude toward God.

Kartik and Naira embraces one another. Kaira requests that Manish and Naksh venture down from the transport. Manish and Naksh bounce off. Kairav appeal to God to send his Parents. He says to God, Naira thinks about his #1 sweet and will offer him the equivalent at the sanctuary. Kairav cries and says till he don’t send Karitk and Naira down he will continue supplicating. Suwarna appeals to God for Naira and Kartik both. Naira and Kartik  decide to hustle as transport will tumble down from the bluff any time. Luv Kush requests that Kartik and Naira hustle just a bit as transport is pushing ahead towards the precipice. Meanwhile, Akhilesh call salvage group for the assistance. Here, Kartik and Naira attempts to come out from the transport however transport shakes. Karitk falls far. He requests that Naira go down and don’t hang tight for him. Naira yells and says to Kartik that the two of them will go down else both will fall. Kartik and Naira chooses to bounce off from back of the transport. Goenka’s concern for Kartik and Naira.

Kartik says to Naira her leg is injured hence he needs to step first to get her. Luv Kush requests that Kartik and Naira rush as transport will fall in one more second. Kartik ventures down and transport shakes. Naira got pulled back and blacks out in view of the glass out there. Kartik, Goenka’s and Kairav weeps for Naira. Kartik chooses to bounce inside the transport back to save Naira. Driver asks Kartik not to move else transport will fall. Kartik says to Naira that he adores her a great deal. He requests that she pick up cognizance else glass will break. Suwarana and Kairav petitions God.


Naira picks up her cognizance and glass going to break. Kartik asks Naira not to move else glass will cushion and she will fall. He chooses to enter back inside the transport. Kartik and Naira is seen meeting with one another. Kaira embraces one another. Naira cries, she says to Kartik she would prefer not to go a long way from him taking his irritated face. Naira requests that Kartik be glad. Read More……


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