Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4 March 2021 Written Update

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The Episode begins with Sirat inquiring as to for what reason did you come here with the police, they aren’t your home staff to check me, don’t set out to contact me, I will not sit calm here, I simply have Naira’s face, nothing else, not even that ring. Kartik converses with the auditor.

Sirat says converse with me, what are you mumbling. Kartik requests that she hush up. He says you broke the house lock and entered inside, what was the need. She asks did you not call the police. He says I would have not paused on the off chance that I needed to call the police, do you know who had documented the protest. Mukesh and Sheela come. Mukesh asks who else will do, the house proprietor right. He says do anything you need, this house is mine and the lock was likewise mine. He says overseer, these women broke the lock and got in, my companion educated


me. Kartik goes on a call. Sirat says I will not leave you. Mukesh says free yourself from prison first. Nani says she is your stepdaughter. Mukesh says you ought to have offered Gyaan to her. Nani says Sheela, have some disgrace, the police will capture your girl.


Sirat says don’t beseech her, I can fare thee well. She reproves Mukesh. She says I will record a case on you. He asks will you offer Maudi to get cash. She blows up. He says look she is battling. Sirat gets captured. Mukesh jokes on her. Sirat says I won’t leave you. She contends with Mukesh. She says Kartik ji, I don’t have the foggiest idea why you had come here, however deal with my Maudi. Kartik yells stop, hear me out.

Auditor asks are you her family member. Mukesh says ask him the connection, he remained here last time, I think they take part in an extramarital entanglements. Kartik says my legal advisor will be here any moment, I m simply saving your time in administrative matters, this case is phony, Mukesh has effectively offered the property to developer.


Mukesh says indeed, I can offer it to anybody, its my home. Kartik says recall, its manufacturer’s at the present time. Mukesh says manufacturer is my companion, they broke into my developer’s home, its a wrongdoing. Overseer says sorry Sir, come to police headquarters and talk. Nani sobs for Sirat. Kartik stops the police by coming before the vehicle. He says my legal counselor has come. He gives the property papers.

He says its still on Kalavati’s name, its their home, its a repurchase of the house from that manufacturer. Mukesh asks how might they purchase the house when they have no cash. Kartik says its their home, nobody can do anything. Police leaves Sirat and goes. Kartik cautions Mukesh. He says Amma this is your home, remember. Attorney says you purchased the house at a high rate.


Kartik says we will talk later, you will get your expenses. He sends the attorney. He requests that Nani keep the papers cautiously. Nani embraces him and favors. Sirat embraces Nani. She asks when did you do this and for what valid reason. He says sorry, I had heard Amma conversing with Mukesh accidentally, I didn’t advise you, I figured it will be among Amma and me.

Sirat thinks this man is truly pleasant, yet I m not ongoing to great men. Kartik stops Mukesh and Sheela. He says Amma is the house proprietor, it will be her choice to allow them to remain there or not. Nani says children can be terrible, yet mother can’t. Kartik says fine, go.

Mukesh inquires as to for what reason didn’t you discover who is this man, for what reason did they go to Udaipur. Sheela says I will discover out.She says sorry. He says its OK. Dadi says her hands and legs aren’t in charge, get tea. Kartik says get a cap too. Sirat gets tea. Kartik says away… and gets wary. She keeps the tea.

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