Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4 January 2021 Written Update

The present scene begins with Naira requesting that Kairav come as the ball is in his court now. Kairav stands stunned. Naira requests that Kairav hustle just a bit as all need to get saved. Luv Kush chooses to help the family and break the transport glass. Both goes down from the transport. Naira and Kartik stress for Luv Kush. Luv Kush effectively goes odwn from the transport. Kartik advise Naira that Luv Kush is protected. Ahead, Kartik requests that Kairav go down from the transport. Kairav embraces Naira and says he won’t go leaving Naira. Kartik asks Kairav not to get inflexible. Naira requests that Kartik help other people then, she will converse with Kairav.

Luv and Kush chooses to put the stone under transport to stop it. Transport shakes and Goenka’s concern. Kartik requests that Kairav go down. Kairav embraces Nair anad says he won’t go leaving Naira. Kartik requests that Manish and Suhasini venture down from the transport. Suhasini says she won’t venture down without Naira. Naira requests that Suhasini go down and she will follow them later. Here, Luv Kush chooses to help Goenka’s. Keerti says she will go along with them as well. Krishna, Vansh and Krish chooses to follow Luv Kush as well. Gyau says to Vansh he can not go as he is kid. Vansh answers to Gayu that  when he was hopping from the patio, Kairav attempted to stop him. He adds now Kairav is inside and he can’t disregard him. Luv Kush, Keerti, Vansh, Krish and Krishna chooses to look for help from others however comes up short. Gayu cries. Keerti gets a rope inside the transport and calls Luv Kush. Transport pushes ahead. Naksh advises to others that they can not advance down from front entryway and need to utilize window now. Naksh, Akhilesh demands Surekha to go down from window. Surekha panics and Naksh rouses Surekha. Opposite side, Kartik well attempts to salvages Naira’s leg. Naira falls flat. Karitk asks Naira what she thinks will occur. Naira says till he is with her nothing will happen to her. Both embrace one another. Goenka’s means down individually. At the point when Kairav will not go, Naira asks Kartik to strongly send Kairav down. Kairav won’t go. Naira shout and requests that Kartik send him strongly. Kairav requests that Naira guarantee she will descend as well. Karitk requests that Naira guarantee him else he won’t go. Naira guarantee Kairav. In the last Mainsh, Naksh, Kaira is abandoned. Naksh chooses to help Naira.

Kartik asks Naksh not to approach else transport will fall at any point in the near future. Afterward, Mainsh requests that Naksh go. Naira asks Manish and Naksh the two of them to go down. Read More………


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