Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3nd November 2020 Written Update

In the last episode you saw how Akshara accidentally gets inside a box in a truck and Karya comes to know that Akshara is in it and he starts running after her. On the other hand, the housemates also know that Akshara Missing from home, Naira faints in the same way and he starts doing all the work on Krishna because Krishna was with him at the last moment.

When the truck stops, Kariv runs into the truck and struggles to find Krishna. But Akshara is not found. The housemates get very upset. Kartik and Naira also find out that Kairava who has gone behind the truck is Akshara and he also goes after her and stops the trucker and asks her If there are any children in your truck, then the trucker says that there are no children in my truck. In this way, Naira and Karthik keep going. It was everything you guys saw in the previous episode.

Next you will see that Naira and Karthik get a distress call.


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