Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata hai 30 September 2020 Written Updates: Kartik & Naira

In today’s episode Kya Rishta Kya Ke Liye, you will be shown that Karthik is able to convince the children and sometimes there is a voice that they are talking about taking those girls, then you see that Karthik and those children When I come near the goons, suddenly the girls dust the goons’ eyes and run away.
Only then do you see that Karthik stays there and shoots there but does not know who is engaged. On the other hand, he asks people to join Naira that you have seen, after some time. Joins the circle.

On the other side, they see that they are going to get into a car after knocking Karthik, then he comes and tells this to all the women of the congregation, only then you see that the congregation takes the punjab people from the front only then that goons Stop there and turn your car but as soon as the car starts driving, its brakes fail and the car collides with a stone and stops there, then you see that I am looking at Carthy Take it out and she is a woman.

She tells him that you kill it with a stone or else our whole made up game will be ruined only then the slogan is watching everything and from the congregation there is also a stone which is in the hands of Naira. And she kills the man from a distance and her stone falls from her hand and prevents Karthik from being stoned, then you see that she takes all the arms in the hands of the congregation and follows them. Then Karthik and Naira meet. On the other hand, the police also come to know that I and the police are sick. The people who were written seem to follow them and get caught to hand over the police. Khushi Pooja comes to know. For everyone starts saying that after their arrival we will worship Pooja in this house. On the other side, we see Karthik Naira. When there is a goon, there is a goon and he stands up against them with a gun and then Karthik suddenly Goes and starts fighting with the man, he has a gun in his hand and shoots out of it, but no one shoots it and when Karthik goes, Taka drops the Bandhu from his hand and beats him a lot, when the police comes there and he arrests everyone and then Karthik and Naira leave from there and they go to a dhaba with Krishna. And there they drink tea water and flash there for a while, when Krishna falls asleep in the car where Karthikeya Chachu and Naira’s brother Naqsh arrive and he is very happy to see Naira and they say that Venus Is it God that you guys have met and then the target says to Naira that you are mad. I was so upset because of you, then the slogan would say, “I have told you how many times I have a problem in Krishna’s house. If so, Karthik is missing from there but you apologize to me for not believing that I am not a good brother, the world says that beware if my brother does some work, my brother is the best brother in the world. It is said that Chachu tells him that you all go home, everyone is waiting eagerly in the house, then Krishna also comes from there and then Dr. Yara says that Krishna will also go with us, then everyone gets ready to go home, thus today’s episode ends here. Tomorrow’s episode will show you that Naira is taken to the family hospital and then Naira goes there. Starts to eat ice cream, call it, goes to the other side, if there is no problem from behind, then now let’s see if Grandma has a child in her hand and she is surprised to see it all this way Some of you will be featured in tomorrow’s episode.

First of all, before we give the serial information, you should know that the serial was closed for 3 months due to coronavirus but their shooting started on June 21 but many people do not yet know that its shooting has started. Whether or not this serial went on July 13, similarly your favorite serial has started on July 13, you can watch any serial that goes on Zee TV and then on Star Plus. This serial will be shown in a new story and a new style.