Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata hai 30 April 2021 Written Updates

Here, in the nursery, Kartik advises Dadi that he is finished with game plans. Manish comes and gives some cash to Kartik for the costs. Out of nowhere a glass falls and there is break. Kartik tosses it. Manish says you can toss a thing with break however not an individual who is broken. Manish says I am certain Sirat hasn’t enlightened you concerning her first marriage. Kartik asks who advised you? Manish says her mom. Kartik says marriage didn’t occur.

Manish says yet she cherished another person, for what reason are you driving yourself, two broken hearts together is an ill-conceived notion. Kartik says I am doing this for my children, the individual you need me to wed Rhea, won’t comprehend that I can’t think of her as my significant other however Sirat does and she really focuses on my children. Manish says Kairav is a child. Kartik says he thinks fron heart and picked Sirat, I need to wed for my children, take a gander at you even you wedded an individual who was great as a mother for us and she demonstrated it. Kartik demands Manish to give him his approval and he needs his help the most.



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