Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata hai 3 October 2020 Written Updates

Yrkkh Written Updates

In today’s episode Kya Rishta Kya Kehlata, you will be shown that when your Karthik arrives there at Nara Hospital and is very happy to see Karthik and Naira, you see that Karthik would come to Naira and everyone would be out of the room. Go away and he says that now I will not allow any mess at all, so when he sees that there are more beds in the coming, he starts saying that you guys have arranged behind me how this join room Arranged, the people of the house say that no room was empty, so they sent Naira in it, then he says that I had already told you that you book the room, but you have only its If you want to listen, then the slogan says that you have come here to tell me and you have come to support me, then Nak Aarti says that forgive me but you always do your own. In this way all the family goes out and Karthik and Naira The two are together, Naira gets to meet but Karthik that you don’t need to panic, I have come now so everything will be alright On the other hand you see that Krishna is repeatedly asking Gayu whether the baby has come yet or if Gayu says that he has not come yet. On the other hand, when the car is told about the doctor, the doctor When Naira comes to know about it, he goes to the doctor that I cannot do it. He was kicking me in the first time when he was being treated by the right. Nehra would also tell me not to get him a degree. So Karthik does not know who he is with, then the doctor starts sending messages, and Karthik goes on to say, “Do not do this, please do not deliver it to me, but why are you not doing any delivery? If you are, then you see that Grandma then says that this is not a game and I also tell the doctor that it is your duty to take care of the patient and you are also talking like children and scolding Naira too. And says that you guys still remember fights at this time and I tell the doctor that if you check this up, then he goes away from there. Doctor Doctor checks Naira and he hands over to Naira fearfully, then Naira tells Karthik in the ear that Doctor you are checking me as if I am a terrorist and why are you checking me, why are you so scared? If you are sitting, after some time, Naira Cobain starts and tells the doctor that now it is time for delivery, any time their baby can come, then you see that I have shifted to another room. When she goes, she starts going to some room but the doctor says that you cannot go. Karthik comes that I have already talked to people that I will be with Nehra. The doctor says I know but you do not go inside these clothes If we see that we go to change clothes and take Naira, when Karthik comes inside after changing clothes, he gets nervous seeing the instrument of Caesar operation there but he dares Rakesh to come from Rahu. She says that if you are not working then you can go, then I used to say that I am not with you, then you see that the doctor told Or is it time for your baby to come and I say to Karthik that these instruments will not be needed in normal delivery.

Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata hai 5 october 2020 Written Updates

If they are normal then they may be needed if the operation is done and Karthik faints on hearing this. And Naira says baby, what happened to your father, I will tell you about this, how can you faint with this after some time, after some time you see that Karthik comes to the senses, the housemates are very upset that we Karthik is worrying more than Naira because Naira is very courageous, but when Karthik sees it all, he will be the same, it seems that when Karthikeya gets it, he asks Naa, are you okay? So it was not happening, you can go. If it is not a matter then I used to say that no, I am with you. We see that the doctors are doing a checkup. After talking about some problem, we now see Karthik saying to the doctor. If there is any problem in the oxygen of the baby, then Naira gets nervous on hearing this, today’s episode ends here.


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