Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd January 2021 Written Update

The present scene begins with Kartik conversing with Naira about existence. Akshara cries. Kartik says to Naira perhaps she needs to come in her lap. Naira says no, Akshara is crying since her stomach may be hurting. She says to Kartik to hold her as she will take out medication for Akshara. Meanwhile, a bicycle crosses and Goenka’s transport meets with a mishap. The transport comes to on the edge. Goenka’s get injured. Naira reviews the second with her family. She says to Goenka’s that nothing will occur. Naira inquires as to whether she is fine. She gets some information about Vansh and Vatsal. Gayu gets weepy hearing Naira’s anxiety for her. Manish inquires as to whether she is fine. Gayu says yes. Naksh and Keerti ask one another in the event that they are fine. Manish sees blood overflowing out from Suhasini’s head. Manish says wound isn’t extremely profound and ties his cloth.

Meanwhile, driver calls out for help. Karitk and Naksh encourages driver to come inside the transport as he was hanging. Driver favors Kartik and appeals to God for his joy. Naksh and Kartik analyze and state transport is more on street. They request that Goenka’s transition to right side. Kartik chooses to send individually down. He asks transport driver to go down first. Transport driver says to Kartik till his family don’t go down, he won’t venture down. Naira says to driver on the off chance that he isn’t their relative that doesn’t mean his life in not costly. All demand driver to go down. Driver guarantees Kartik and his family that he will help them in protecting the family. Kartik requests that Naira venture down from first as she is remaining close to the entryway. Naira can’t. Kartik inquires as to whether she needs to save the family. Naira reviews her minutes with family and going to venture down. The transport swing and Naira’s leg stalled out in the transport. Karitk attempts to assist Naira with drawing out her leg however comes up short. Naira requests that Kartik help other people. Naksh individually makes Goenka’s progression down from the transport. Kairav demands to go Naira and Luv Kush stops him.

Ahead, Naira offers Akshara to Kartik. Kartik hand over Akshara to Gayu. Gayu sobs for Naira and embraces Akshara. Naksh and Kartik causes Goenka’s to venture down individually. Naira battles to take out her leg from the transport trap. Kartik uphold Naira. Kaira cries. (Scene Ends)



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