Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata hai 29th September 2020 Written Updates : yrrkh 28 sep 2020

Today’s episode, what is this relationship called, I will show you that Naira walks to the Mata temple on her way and that time also follows her. When Naira reaches there, Pandit ji gives a mantra, all tastes there. It does not happen and Pandit ji says that if someone chants the mantra from him, then his child should be safe, both of them will be safe, then you see that Naira also stops there, then all the suhaag tells them that you stop here today So you see the edge stops there, on the other side, see that Karthik escapes from those goons and he is looking for Krishna, after some time he finds him and he saves Krishna from that gang but when he both When they are going, some other children come to the sound. When they look at Kartik to save, he tells Krishna that you will not have to run alone from here, I will bring the children along to see that Krishna was driven away from there. And he says that you bring someone from outside to help us, we see that some goons leave Karthik when he leaves from there They catch up again and put Karthik in the room the girls are in and Karthik is trying to convince them that I have come to help you guys. You guys need not fear them. Is and Karthik is trying to give courage to one of the girls. On the other hand you see that when Naira gets up in the morning, she leaves him from the temple. She starts walking on the road.

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I am an angel but I handle myself. The other side is on a road and she is looking to do it too, then there is a policeman there but I don’t see Krishna and she goes away and tries to meet after some time and She gets happy after seeing that she is in a lot of trouble, but the housemates are very upset and Swarna runs away and comes to the housemates and she says Krishna Karthik and Naira are in a lot of trouble. The call came, he was very upset that he had a dream one night that both Karthik and Naira are in big trouble when the housemates hear it all He also gets very upset. On the other hand, when both Krishna and Naira meet, then after a while, she becomes dizzy again and she becomes unconscious when Krishna takes her to a small hospital with the help of some people. When Naira is given something there, he is going to make hell, then he starts to remember how he is planning for his child, when he senses he suddenly feels old and says that my If nothing happens to the child, then she says that your child is absolutely fine and she seems to be a Krishna Kumari, then see if she does not talk, then she asks for help that you will have a call, I see you That I give her a call and say that there can be only one call on this, then I call the police and come for my help that I was looking for a hurry, so today’s episode ends here.