Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai 29th December 2020 Written update

Manish laments his choice. He says the video opened his eyes. He apologize to Goenka’s. Manish apologize to Akhliesh what not. Akhilesh embraces Manish. Manish says with his choice he had the chance to become familiar with the entire family love and regard one another.

He asks Kaira whose arrangement was this. Kartik says Naira. Mainsh expresses gratitude toward Naira.

Naira says Kartik and Naksh upheld her as well. Keerti says Naira is the solitary best thing occurred in his life. All snicker. Goenka’s dance on ‘Buddhu sa Mann Hai’ dance. Afterward, Karitk and Naira blessing each other arm band.Kartik’s vehicle meet with a mishap. Naira alarms.


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