Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata hai 28th September 2020 Written Updates : yrrkh 28 sep 2020

yrrkh 28 sep 2020:-Today’s episode, what is called this relationship, you will be shown that the slogan asks a man how far from here can the brothers-in-law live, then he takes it that there is a spice factory at a great distance from here, then I say that Can you help me to get there, then the man says that old man and you are not angry in this situation where you cannot be there, then I want help to go there, send them, send them something in return Takes money and buys Activa and goes after her to find Karthik, only then you see that on the way he finds a woman, when the tire of Naira’s Activa is punctured, the woman starts asking for her food. Only when Naira gives him food, when she gives food, the person who gives food to him writes the address of Naira’s disappearance, then the old lady says that son you don’t worry about me, I have no money. Therefore, I will not tell anyone anything, but you left home and made a mistake, you go to your house. A. Get out of the house and I will leave only after it is completed from us, then you see that you go to the other side and take Krishna in the truck with the goons towards the border and everyone in the house is upset that Karthik already said Was but now Naira is not even aware that grandmother is very upset. She says what will Naira be like when her mother says that Naira is more worried about her baby girl. On the other side, see Krishna when she is sitting in a truck. So the sister is trying to give blue to Gira Tera, drop some boxes, then Naira starts to go after them, making her blue proud, then you see that Naira and that woman go on both hands but that woman from auto She goes out and pretends to go some distance. She also calls some goons who kidnap Karthik. She tells him about Naira and she asks for money from him, so how are the goons that you Handle him and make him unconscious by feeding him some medicine, then you see that I give the old lady water to Naira and she gives him to drink.

I say that I start to doubt her and she does not drink water and after getting out of the auto, she tells the photo that you should leave them where they have to go, now I do not have to go from here only then I go from there She goes away saying this, but that old lady also gets off with Naira and she too is left behind Naira. On the other side you see Karthik and Krishna take him to the factory with a legitimate spice and go there Totally binds Karthik and snatches Krishna away from him, only then do you see that when he leaves, he is trying to open himself and he opens his arms and legs and you see Is that when they come after some time, they see that Karthik has fallen down. When he is watching, Karthik suddenly and I start beating both of them. They get into a scuffle. It ends here in tomorrow’s episode. She comes and starts praying to God, on the other side, we see that Krishna reaches to his head with his mother’s language and he says that God is also with us We will definitely help you, so this will be shown to you in tomorrow’s episode.