Yeh Rishta kya kehlata hai 28 January 2021 Written Update

The present scene begins wth Sirat saying to Mauri that she brought her burger. She see Maurai all spruced up and asks her for what reason such a lot of food she as set up as today isn’t her birthday. Mauri see Mukesh and Sheela at home. Sonu advise to Sirat that groom family will come to see her.

He adds post she will take off from the house Mauri and the house both will have a place with him. Sirat takes a gander at Mauri. Mauri requests that Sirat go with her. There, Kartik learns Kairav isn’t at inn. He contemplates whether all youngsters are a lodging than why Kairav headed outside. Kartik thinks if Kairav isn’t well. Here, Kairav searches for Naira. Opposite side, Mauri requests that Sirat wear some great dress.


Sirat says the family ought to acknowledge the manner in which she is. Mauri demands Sirat to prepare for the wellbeing of she. Subsequently, lucky man’s family prefers Sirat. Sheela and Mukesh gets glad. Kairav see Sirat and thinks Naira. He considers her mom and embraces her. Sirat thinks something and report that Kairav is her child. Sheela, Mukesh, Mauri and others gets stunned learning Sirat has a child. Sirat makes all accept that Kairav is her child. Husband to be’s family says God saved them from young lady like Sirat. They leave the spot.


Afterward, Mukesh and Sheela asks Sirat what she is upto. Sirat uncovers she made a story to get saved from wedding. Sheela says she will see Sirat later. Kairav inquires as to whether she is irate with her. Mauri going to black out and Sirat requests that Kairav leave. Kairav asks Sirat for what valid reason she is carrying on odd. Sirat stresses for Mauri and tosses Kairav out of the house. Superintendent requests that Kairav return to class with him as the young lady isn’t his mother.Kairav weeps for Naira. Here, Kartik think why Kairav isn’t at lodging. Sirat awakens Mauri. Mauri gets some information about Kairav. Sirat says to Mauri she don’t think about Kairav and she did show to make sure about her boxing vocation. Mauri wish for Sirat’s wedding. Opposite side, Rhea see Naira’s stuff in a trunk and asks Kartik for what good reason he has secured her recollections in the storage compartment.


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