Yeh Rishta kya kehlata hai 27 October 2020 Written Updates

Today you will see that the episode begins with Karthik asking Krishna and he asks if she answered all the questions exactly right. But Krishna says that she cannot answer the English questions after that Manish comes. Is and says that the era is immediate but humans do not have a photostat machine to learn anything real overnight. We see where we are.

That Karthik and Naira tell the family that Krishna is not getting admission in the school. Krishna gets very upset, Krishna feels very bad that Krishna has not been admitted. Kiran sees that Kayra tells Krishna this That the principal has changed his decision and he agrees to file Krishna.

Then over the Charvak dynasty Krishna congratulates each other Krishna also joins in happiness. Trivago tells her but Suhasini and Anna expect that. Hashmi has decided to celebrate Dussehra for Akshara, after which the village says that it is the first Dussehra of Vatsal, then Suhasini says yes thing is.


After that Karthik and Naira decide to keep Ramlila for entertainment and also Karthik and Naqsh say, after that Court and other her companions also come later.Naira shows pictures of Karthik’s childhood Ramlila. Let’s see that he starts Ramlila and Rama is very happy to think.

It is not in the meantime, this tells Kartik that Naqsh has filed a case for Krishna’s custody, he gets very angry on Naqsh, then Karthik says that he is the case at all. After that we see that the map tells the mother-in-law that I am doing absolutely fine. Neither says yes son. After that Karthik calls Naqsh and asks him not to remember Krishna’s childhood.


Yeh Rishta kya kehlata hai 28 October Written Updates

Asked to decide which child will come forward to play the role of Ramayana, then a cookie bowl with an ant is placed. Next we will see that with time, one of his letters gets to play the role of Ravana in Karthik Parvat. Asks why he cannot play the role of Ravana. So he runs away from there.


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