Yeh Rishta kya kehlata hai 27 January 2021 Written Update

The present scene begins with Sirat requesting that Maudi give her milk and banana as she is ravenous. She sit and see visiting card of Kartik. Maudi says perhaps it is of same kid who dropped her home. Sirat says to Maudi she feels the kid has some association with her. Maudi snicker. Sirat chooses to settle on a decision to Kartik to state him bless your heart. Kartik thinks number is obscure and don’t get the call. Sirat thinks Kartik Goenka is dealer why he will get her call. Here, Kartik think Kairav also calls with obscure number along these lines, he ought to have get the call. Kartik gets back to. Sirat gets the call and takes Kartik’s name. Kartik hearing Sirat’s voice reviews his minutes with Naira. Sirat advises to Kartik she is called to expresses gratitude toward him for dropping her Mauri home. Meanwhile, Sonu decimates Sirat’s boxing gloves. Sirat drops the versatile and weeps for her gloves. She says she don’t have cash to buy new. Kartik hear Sirat’s discussion. Sirat chooses to show Sonu a thing or two. She shouts at him. Here, Kartik thinks voice was coordinating with Naira yet it can’t be Naira. He says his Naira’s voice is extraordinary.

Sirat runs behind Sonu and Sheela secures Sonu. Further, Sirat discovers her gloves missing. She see Mauri sewing her gloves. Sirat asks her not to line as it can’t be repair. She adds she ought to be cheerful as no gloves and she won’t work on boxing. Mauri advises to Sirat that her bliss matters to her a great deal. She recommend Sirat for wedding. Sirat leaves the house. Mukesh over hear Sirat and Maudi’s discussion. He goes to Sheela and says he ought to get Sirat hitched else it won’t be acceptable. Sheela says Mauri will figure out how to persuade Sirat.


Opposite side, Kartik think the voice was not of Naira and he realize that. Rhea come and Kartik inquires as to whether she isn’t well. Rhea inquires as to whether she can take Akshu in her arms. Kartik permits. Rhea imparts to Kartik about her separation and how her folks abandoned her. Kartik energizes Rhea. Here, Sirat imparts to her companion due to Mukesh and Sheela she don’t confide in relationship. Sirat’s companion spurs Sirat. Ahead, Sirat sneak into Kairav’s school. Kairav see her and takes Naira’s name. School staff chooses to cross-check to whom Kairav address his mom. Read More…….



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