Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27 August 2020 Written Updates

Yrkkh Written Updates

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27 August 2020 Written Update:- This relationship is called this relationship I will show you that Karthik Suvarna says that he will keep trying till Manish is completely healed. Kyra hears this and the rooster starts thinking who says that Karthik doesn’t understand anything. After this, someone’s family finds out that Manish is not at home

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27 August 2020 Written Update


That is why everyone finds their family and goes to find it Suvarna and Suhasini pray to God for Manish Meanwhile, Surekha explains that her daughter is also not visible at home Akhilesh tells Karthik that we give information to the police Karthik says we will not tell the police They all remember the moments spent with Manish In the same way he finds Manish, he sees Manish dancing like a beggar on a street and collecting money. He also sees the girl with him Karthik asks to stop this drama


Similarly, after asking Chhori, she says that she went with Manish when she was an orphan. Chhori says that I do not want to go to the orphanage, that is why I came on the road outside the house Naira scolds the girl, he takes Avanish home but he does not allow the girl to go to his house. Naira says that we can’t leave Chhori on the road, Karthik tells Naira that Chhori is not at our house, Naqsh thinks of Chhori going to his house.

The girl falls alone and she screams too much she doesn’t want to go with anyone I say I’m right on the road, Naira explains to the girl love that it’s not a safe place to live Looks like | The thief tells Naksha to take me away Karthik comes to Manish in Goenka’s family, all the family members blame it on Naira. Nara tries to save herself, Suvarna apologizes to him. After this Naira starts crying, on the other hand Karthik is taking care of Manish, Manish asks Kartik for money and starts burning. Karthik remembers his last moments with Manish


On the other hand you will see that the map will bring the girl home and the girl is very surprised to see their house. On the other hand, Doctor Manish advises all the family members for his surgery Karthik refuses for this Doctor understands Karthik for surgery But Karthik refuses. Karthik says that we will not have Manish’s surgery, today’s episode ends.

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Precap: Tomorrow’s episode will show you that Gori’s family is celebrating Naira’s birthday.

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