Today’s episode, what is this relationship called, I will show you that Naira leaves the house to find Karthik and then the map and his uncle go after him to find him when you see the edge of a truck and Karthik starts off in the truck with her and then she comes down, only then you see that her scarf goes to her from the truck, only then you see that Naira climbs the ladder again and climbs on top of the truck. When the bar is not there, he climbs on the truck, then the truck starts moving and Naira gets very nervous, after going a short distance, he sees a car in front of the truck and the truck stops when Naira gets off and the truck When he leaves the truck, the Naira finds something written on the truck and she remembers it all at Krishna’s house and at the same time, she finds Krishna and her parents You appear in that truck only then you see that Naira gets her voice but she is not heard and she gets very nervous only then Naira sees the truck’s number then Sh’s phone comes and says from the map that where are you we have been crazy since finding you, then Naira says that I have got a clan to find Karthik, only then you come Keep you come home soon everyone is very upset, then Naira says that no I will not come home, I am very worried about Karthik, so I will bring him home only, then Naqsh says that I have called the police.

You will find something, but you do not do this madness. Golden says that no I will not come home, then I say that I will have to give a photo of you along with Karthik to the policemen, if you find them too, then tell me to do the same as you As I say, I feel fine, saying that she disconnects the phone, then the map gets very upset when you see on the other side that Nehra remembers something again that the name of the city was also written under it Udaipur. Then she thinks that I should go there, the bus comes from there, then Naira gets into that bus but as soon as she gets in the bus, then there is something wrong Dey comes and he steals Naira’s bag and goes away. New Ram tries to stop them a lot but she is unable to save her bag, only then some people on the bus tell her that you will not be able to face them so you panic. Do not we will help you, you see that he gives money to Naira for the ticket and a woman gives him water, then she sits on the bus and after reaching Udaipur, gets down there and she goes to that factory. She starts asking about people and about Kartikeya but nobody knows anything. After some time, when she is walking, her shoes break and I start fixing her, then after some time she thinks that baby is not there Why haven’t you done yet? She gets very nervous and starts to happen, then she remembers that she said that baby is in great need of water, so you have to drink water after a while, then she would ask a man going there. Is that from where will we get water here, he tells him that water will be found at a distance of 2 kilometers, then he starts thinking how I will be able to walk so much but still She keeps on walking courageously after going some distance, she starts getting dizzy and she starts saying that Ganga maia help me will you and my baby now have a craving for water, so today’s episode is here only It ends.

Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata hai 28 September 2020 Written Update

In tomorrow’s episode you will be shown that Karthik is running away from the truck with Krishna but his foot slips into the pit and his voice comes out when Krishna’s parents come to know that Krishna Karthik Both of them are trying to run away, when they put their goons behind them, then on the other side, Naira finds Karthika Violet and she starts crying so much that Karthik is where you are, she says that Karthik I will keep looking for you. Everything will be shown to you in tomorrow’s episode.