Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th March 2021 Written Update

The present scene begins with Kartik submitting question against Dev to sports board of trustees. He advise to the individual that Dev attempted to annoy one of his understudy. Kartik says he will submit composed grumbling as well. Sirat listen Kartik. Kartik apologize to Sirat for making her review the second once more. Glass fall. Kartik and Sirat stands stunned. Mauri apologize and says glass fall unintentionally.

Kartik and Sirat ask Mauri not to be heartbroken. Opposite side, Mainsh request that Akhilesh talk with Kartik about the subsequent wedding. Akhilesh says to Kartik that it is too soon to converse with Kartik. Mainsh says to Akhilesh for his wedding with Suwarna post Saumya’s end he just upheld her. Surekha and Mainsh request that Akhilesh talk with Kartik as he won’t deny him. Akhilesh request that Mainsh give him brief period. Suhasini review about Kairav’s promise and stand confounded reasoning she ought to uncover to Goenka’s or not.


In the first part of the day, Kartik miss Naira and wish her glad holi. He review her minutes with Naira. Kartik ask Naira for what good reason she left him. He guarantee to her photograph that he will wish everybody upbeat holi. There, Kairav also wish Naira’s photograph cheerful holi. He inquire as to whether he can make Sirat his mom as he enjoys her organization. Kairav meet Kartik. He inquire as to whether wishes Naira holi or not. Kartik gestures yes.


Kairav request that Kartik go with him to wish Sirat as well. Here, Mauri inquire as to whether Dev wouldn’t mentor her. She continues to ask Sirat inquiry. Sirat evade the discussion and plays holi with Mauri. Sirat pledges to show Dev a thing or two.

Opposite side, Kartik ask sport board on the off chance that they will make a move or not else he should submit a police question. Akhilesh see Kartik and advises him about moving rivalry happening Akshara dance foundation. He inquire as to whether he isn’t feeling terrible. Kartik says to Akhilesh for family purpose it is acceptable and life don’t stop for everybody. Mainsh misconstrue Kartik and Akhilesh’s discussion and think Kartik is prepared to wed Riya. He gets cheerful.


Mainsh goes to Kartik in the event that he is confiding in his choice. Karitk says yes and leave the spot. Mainsh cheerfully declare about Kartik’s wedding. Suwarna and Suhasini both stand confounded. Riya gets upbeat. Read more…….


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