Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata hai 24 october 2020 written updates

Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata hai 24 october 2020 written updates Serial By StarPlus. Read Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata hai 24 October 2020 (24/10/2020) Written Updates With

Today’s episode starts with Dadu giving toffees to all the children. Dadu tells Iram that he loves her very much. A drama of Navratri is going on in which Karthik and Naira appear as Devaki Vasudev. While giving birth to Devaki, Krishna is afraid that his brother Kansa will kill him when he comes to know about our son’s birth. Similarly, I ask Vasudev to save Shri Krishna.


Vasudev takes Krishna ji and hands it over to Shoda. Shodha gives her daughter and he considers Krishna as her son. He says that he had Krishna as his son, Parle G. Similarly, Vasudev takes Jasoda’s daughter to Devaki and Devki says that she cannot do it because Kant can kill the girl as well. Vasudev says that he is riding Durga that is why he cannot kill the girl ..


He says that not every child is fortunate for the family, hence Krishna is very fortunate to have Jasodara charge .. Similarly, Balarama and all loved Krishna and Krishna loved them too. Similarly, Naira and Karthik call the mission on stage.

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Next you will see that the dynasty and Krishna begin to feel that they love the cowards very much. In the same way, Kairava accepts Krishna as a sister and lets the mother queen’s chuni be put on them, all become happy.

You will see further that children are playing Naira and Karthik feel very happy to see them. Cairo accepts Krishna as a sister and tells him that you should never feel that she is not your sister. Such Kairava’s friends come to him and tease him a lot, calling him a girl who sells clips to Krishna and starts laughing.


Krishna says that I remember I was working and was not asking right, I also remember that you threw water on me while sitting in your big car. Kairav ​​favors Trishna and says that it is not right to make fun of someone, Krishna is now her sister, her friends know that her younger sister is Akshara, then why did you make her a sister. The cowards say that my parents have adopted Krishna.

Naira comes for 5 years and all the children sit together and eat her very happily. Today you will see that when the Kairava is eating pasta, he starts thinking and Krishna cleans it with tissue paper. Next you will see that Cairo and MySpearance are asked to join their school, this city has a very big school. Magic calls all the children to him. Fashions ask them that I too can come. Naira tells Krishna to go to Dadu.

Today you will give today that Dadu also says that he puts the cowards in your school. Similar hero Verma says that we were discussing about this .. Krishna asks him that I should also enroll in his school. I can Dadu says that he cannot get admission. But I can enroll in some other school. Naira asks Naira that Krishna get another school to get him admitted.

Naira and Karthik talk about sending all the children to a school so that they do not make any difference in any child. Papa says that he does not think like them. Krishna is not educated and she will not be able to pass the entrance exam.

Naira tells Krishna that you have not yet studied, yet how much of a crook you are then you must take the exam. Papa asks Naira that till tomorrow morning you can teach him everything. Naira says I will try. This is how the episode ends.

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