Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai 24 January 2021 Written Update

Ahead, Kartik drives to Kairav. Kairav meet Kartik. He advises to Kartik that he isn’t lying yet saw Naira. Kartik don’t respond. Kairav requests that Kartik return on the off chance that he isn’t trusting him. Kartik comfort Kairav and goes to God to show him a way. Kartik chooses to cross check.

Here, Sirat’s companion propose Sirat to sneak into Mukesh’s home to take a preparation. Sirat likes the thought. She incubates an arrangement to swindle Mukesh. She fixes a camera to take preparing from Mukesh. Sirat’s progression sibling informs Mukesh concerning the equivalent. Mukesh tosses Sirat’s versatile in water. He blames her for making his video. Mukesh inquires as to whether he needs to take preparing for him.


Sirat and Mukesh contend with one another. Here, Kairav advise to Kartik he saw Naira in the boxing ring. School staff advises to Kartik that pariahs are not permitted in the grounds. Kairav gets inflexible on his promise. Afterward, Sirat sneaks into school once more. Kartik sits tight for the individual whom Kairav is professing to be Naira. Sirat enters the boxing ring and Kartik stands stunned. Kairav appeals to God to make Kartik meet Naira else he won’t confide in him. Kartik gets stunned seeing Sirat and calls her Naira. Read More…..


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