Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24 April 2021 Episode Written Update

Ranveer was getting in his Jeep and he heard somebody conversing with her little girl and her name was Sirat. Ranveer hangs tight for some time and recollects her.

Riya brings a caffeinated drink for Sirat. Sirat revealed to her that I am having a lot energy and assuming I would have this, you simply figure what will occur. Riya revealed to her that how pitiful your romantic tale is with Kartik as there is no affection Just customs.


Sirat revealed to her that I am getting hitched to him and it’s my concern what I call him. Unexpectedly Kartik came and consented to Sirat word’s. Riya gets confounded and attempts to change the point. Sirat revealed to Kartik that Riya think’s there is no science among us and what’s her anxiety.


Kartik was chipping away at his PC and abruptly Sirat’s caretaker accompanied the telephone in which her dadi was on a call. Dadi disclosed to Kartik that we are having a coordinated effort with a shop so you should take her to them. Sawarna calls Sirat to converse with Dadi. Dadi and her caretaker demand her having not many dresses.


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